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iOS 6.1 update delivers iPhone 5 problems

Every time Apple brings out a new update for their iOS devices it either makes previous issues worse or brings along a few new ones. iOS 6.1 update is no different because it delivers several iPhone 5 problems, some of which we have experienced. What we find strange is how Apple has brought in some new features and fixes to several problems that we have not been aware of, but what about those everyday issues that are affecting a huge percentage of iPhone 5 users?

A quick visit to the Apple Support Communities shows a huge list of iOS 6.1 iPhone 5 problems, such as some users being unable to sync their phone via Wi-Fi or even a hard wire connection with a lead to their computer. The process gets so far but at step 7 it cannot go any further, which is a huge issue if you have new items on your phone you wish to sync to your computer.

There have been others who have said that after they updated to iOS 6.1 with their AT&T iPhone 5 they seem to have lost service or when they get it back the signal bars are very low. However, once they make a call the service goes to full signal. We’ve not heard of this one and wonder if it is new or just specific to certain individuals?

We already knew that there was a battery issue, but now iOS 6.1 seems to have made the battery problems even worse, something that we know only too well as we are having to charge ours on a more regular basis. I’ve noticed that leaving the iPhone 5 on standby over night can see the battery drop by at least 8 to 10 percent, which is far greater than it was before. We should all learn to be more aware and not update the moment Apple makes a new version of iOS available — when will we ever learn?

One final iOS 6.1 issue is with Siri, as in a few cases this service has stopped working when you use headphones. The bug only occurs when the headphones and phone are in the pocket and not when taken out. It’s suggested that it could be a proximity sensor issue, but we’re not too sure. Some users have complained that Apple should have updated Apple Maps with iOS 6.1, but we do know that they recently said that this would be done on the fly.

What iOS 6.1 problems with the iPhone 5 have you experienced?

Written by Peter Chubb

Peter has been writing on Product-Reviews since 2007 and in that time much has changed for him, like his hair having more grey than brown now. He loves gadgets and cars, and gets excited when big events come up, such as CES and the big auto shows.

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Mark Luis
Mark Luis

im having a problem connecting to 3g after updating to ios 6.1 it only stays on E , i have an iphone 5

Darren Margo

The problem I am experiencing happens only when the phone is plugged in to the mains to charge. The touch sensors on the screen becomes non responsive ie it doesn’t respond to my finger swipes or any touches whatsoever (which renders the phone useless at that time). But as soon as I unplug the devise from the the charge cable, the phone works perfectly. I wonder, is my unit faulty, or is this a common problem with all iphone 5’s

Therese DeWitt
Therese DeWitt

That is why I never update just because they say so. The 5 sucks to begin with. I am waiting for them to get their act together!!

Adam Kelnhofer
Adam Kelnhofer

I keep getting error 9 when I try to restore and update and can’t do anything on my phone at all, I can’t even unlock it.

Joanne Lim

wifi issues with Maxis 14.0 probably due to the ISP not updated, then the internet line is always “lost” and low stability and also itunes store cannot connect

Steve Wyman

I updated, almost immediately, to take advantage of my regional carrier’s new 4G LTE capability. Now my wifi cuts in and out, intermittently. On, off, on, off, on, off. I can’t do much of anything with it because it cuts out in the middle of page loads, etc. I’m continually getting the error message that I am not connected to the network, regardless that I am sitting 8 feet away from the router and everything else on the network is working just fine.


can anyone turn on the wi- fi after the update?

ickle Gill
ickle Gill

I updated this morning and now cannot get my emails or even click on the mail link in settings – stupid iPhone 5 crashes everytime.. this is not good!


OMG, my iPhone was working FINE until I made the mistake of doing the first update about a week ago, and then the phone started freezing up. Today’s update is even worse!! The update added a bunch of stuff I never use, but it said it also had “bug fixes” so I thought it might fix whatever it broke on the last update. WRONG. Don’t do this stupid update! I wish I could UN-update it back to the phone I had 2 weeks ago!!!

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