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iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak misery after iOS 6 on iPhone 5, 4S

There are a number of iPhone 5 and 4S owners a little upset after not being able to perform an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak, which is made worse by the fact this software has been forced upon them. It seems there’s a big difference between being given the option to update compared to some new Apple software being forced on you, and a number of PR readers are expressing their feelings about finding iOS 6 already installed on their new iPhone 4S, which an untethered jailbreak is not available along with the iOS 6.0.1 update as well.

It is fair to say a number of people wouldn’t risk an update to iOS 6.0.1 just yet in the hope of a jailbreak arriving soon, and also most people expected the iPhone 5 to include iOS 6, but at the same time there are a mixture of feelings in regard to how long the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak is taking. This has even meant a number of users are considering a switch to Android, which you can read about in our article from a couple of days ago that touched on deserters. Reactions to that article included iOS 6 faithful that believe an iPhone 5, or 4S, jailbreak would arrive in time and also a good number of users talked about jumping ship. The majority of users believe more patience is needed.

Sporadic issues with the iPhone 4S iOS 6.0.1 update – If you own an iPhone 4S and still haven’t updated to iOS 6.0.1 then you might want to hold off a little, which is due to a number of people reporting they have battery life problems after installing the latest update. We’ve also seen people update after thinking that an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 might never arrive on their iPhone 5 or 4S.

Do you think Apple should make it easier for users to downgrade their iPhone 5/4S from iOS 6? We know that certain downgrades are possible, but it seems a bit of a nightmare for iOS 6 users wanting a jailbreak and can’t even downgrade. We’d always like to highlight the fact that any user takes jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch at your own risk. We understand the benefits and love of a more open system, and while some people claim it is a task without risk, we’d warn our readers that this isn’t always the case.

If you own an iPad 4, mini, or older model and want to jailbreak iOS 6 then you should read some news here, which explains some changes with DMCA that certainly affect you. It is also worth pointing out that the current status of the iOS 6 jailbreak is called a “failbreak“, and you can read more about this here, but the situation might have changed since although complete silence from those in the know has left us wondering. One thing we can confirm is that there’s no iOS 6 jailbreak at the time of writing, and being forced onto iOS 6 has made some people feel a little upset.

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