iOS 10 features, release date and rumors

By Peter Chubb - Jun 22, 2016

Well, we now know many of the new iOS 10 features, with 10 already bering revealed during WWDC 2016. iOS 10 beta 1 is now available to developers as of June 13, along with the public beta version coming this July.

iPhone 10 features

Like we said there are now 10 iOS 10 features that have been updated. There are so much more, but Apple did not have time to discuss them during the Worldwide Developers Conference. However, we can look at the ones we do know about.

iOS 10 dark mode for iPhone

Update: People are starting to wonder just when we are likely to see the public beta release of iOS 10, and so we have taken a look at what happened last year to try to predict a possibly date.

There is now a redesigned lock screen, and 3D Touch also works on lock screen notifications. 3D Touch will also work with third-party apps as well now, which certainly opens iOS 10 up.Siri has also been opened to developers ow, so even more features to come before iOS 10 is released i the fall.

Apple Maps is also opening app to Devs, and Apple Music is getting a comply new design, which is pretty good news seeing as though this service was announced just a year ago.

iOS 10 Siri improvements

We could also see a new Apple HomeKit app, and while there are already a number of third-party Smart Home apps to help control devices, iOS 10 users would much rather use a standalone HomeKit app from Apple.

iOS 10 release date

It was on September 16, 2015 that Apple finally released iOS 9 to the public, and iOS 8 on September 17, 2014. Taking those dates into account, we suspect that iOS 10 will be released on September 14, as this also falls on a Wednesday of the same week compared to the last two dates. We could be wrong, so keep checking back.

iOS 10 rumors

While we have been treated to details of 10 features for iOS 10, more is to come, and so we will cover those over the coming weeks and months.

Needed fixes – We have just remembered another feature, well a fix really that iPad owners hope to see rectified with iOS 10, and that is with the volume indicator. Whenever you turn the volume up or down on the iPad, the indicator that appears takes up most of the screen. This is very annoying when watching videos, especially when it takes a little while to disappear. Surely it would be very easy for Apple to move this indicator over to one of the bottom corners?

What are your thought son these new features?

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  • Steve

    I think you could be right about July 13th, although we still have around 3 weeks to find out.

  • Stephen

    Hmmmm, just not sure on split-screen multitasking, even for the Plus size models.

  • Mary

    I for one cannot wait for Night Mode on the iPhone, it is one feature that I have been waiting two years for since it came to OS X.

  • Murphy

    I have a hard job thinking just what Apple need to do in order to make iOS even more appealing, but they need to turn tide soon because sales of iOS devices are falling.

  • Sally

    Yea, you are right there, Apple will only reveal some of the upcoming features, although they shut;d be the best ones.

  • Carl

    I know that people keep asking to have similar features to Android, in that case why don’t you just get an Android phone?

  • Lilly

    You are so right, having that volume indicator appear in the middle of the screen while trying to watch a video does get very annoying – sort it out Apple with iOS 10 please.

  • Mary

    I know it’s just a silly feature, but being able to change the default font would be something I would very much like to see – come on Apple give the users finally what they want.

  • Nick

    I’m just not sure on Game Center, it;s like Apple gave it a good try, but is a feature that many iOS users are just not bothered about.

  • Angela

    Come on Apple, it’s about time you allowed us to change the default font, as currently only having the one option is very limited indeed.

  • Jenson

    I would love a feature similar to Android where all PDFs downloaded are put into a download folder, rather than having to look for that email containing the PDF once again.

  • Josh

    The ability to delete stock apps would be very welcome, but not sure Apple want to take away that sort of control.