iOS 10 beta 6 release time today?

By Peter Chubb - Aug 15, 2016

Update: Well, it’s only been just over a week since Apple released iOS 10 beta 4, and so we are a little shocked that beta 5 is now available for devs to download. This now makes us wonder just when the iOS 10 beta 6 release date will be, as we just cannot see this update coming in another weeks time? Then agin, we could even see the sixth beta of Apple’s mobile OS released later today, but we will now the answer to this in around 6 hours time.

The other burning questions is, will iOS 10 beta 6 be the last before iOS 10 goes GM, or will we even see beta 7 before then? For a list of what changes and features are in this latest version, then please check out the video below.

iOS 10 beta 4 was released a little earlier today, and so have the release notes. Full details of these can be found on 9To5 Mac. We will have a little look and update you later on what changes have been made.

It’s now been two weeks since iOS beta 3 was released to devs, and so looking at the release cycle, it’s a good possibility that iOS 10 beta 4 will be released at some stage later today.

Looking back to the past few releases, we would say the iOS 10 beta 4 release time today should be Monday, August 1, 2016? Well, if we are to go on previous versions, then the most likely time that the fourth beta becomes available for download is more than likely 10am PDT, 1pm EDT and 6pm GMT.

Having said that, it might not be released until next week, seeing as though Apple made us wait three weeks from Beta 1 to beta 2, so we will know more in a few hours.

Ok, so we are uncertain at this time whether Apple will actually release the fourth beta of iOS 10 today, but if we are to go on events from iOS 9 last year, then it could also be today or tomorrow – although today, would be the most likely.

Future iOS 10 beta tweaks

iOS 10 beta 3 features and improvements – There were around 15 new features within the current beta version, and these were, Keyboard sound from iOS 10 beta 1 returns, New lock sound, Haptic feedback on manual lock, Clock in status bar on widgets view, Send files to iCloud Drive from Safari and Mail, Downloaded music label returns, Image picker in Messages no longer crops images to squares, Rest Finger to Open Accessibility option now works as expected, New “Share ” language when 3D touching an App Store app icon, Siri App Support panel in Siri’s preferences, Your Library appears first when searching in the Music app, “Subscribe” to playlists, New text tags below video placeholders in Health app, Now-typing indicator for GIF images in Messages app, and also a new hub section in Home app preferences.

What would you like to see from the iOS 10 beta 2 release notes when it finally becomes available?

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  • Kate

    I tend to agree; I feel that Apple will now begin to slow the beta cycle down, and expect beta 4 to be released next week instead.

  • Frank

    I’m not sure, as we still have at least a month and half to go, and so that would mean with a two week release cycle we could be up to iOS 10 beta 7 by then, and so not sure Apple will release that many.

  • Eddy

    Going on the current beta, it’s a good chance that Apple will release iOS 10 beta 4 today.

  • Tool

    Ummm Peter, maybe it is not wise to go around yelling “TODAY”. You are about to come a laughing stock.

  • John Runions

    In the the past I didn’t feel there were enough new features to justify the large jump in version number, 8.x to 9.x for instance. However, I feel the iOS 10 features are pretty good and finally justify a large version number increase.

    I have logged many bugs for iOS 10 with Apple and am waiting patiently for the Beta 2 so see what they have improved. I would be happy if it only contained stabilization and defect fixes.

  • Chi Leaug, Alex Lee

    Maybe the next beta update is the Official Golden Master!

    • theatheist


    • Nguyen Ken

      LOL, you are right bro !!! Too long for waiting.

  • RF9

    So What I think you’re trying to say is that Apple is doing things a little differently than last year? /s
    You only said so in like, EVERY sentence.

    FYI. They may still be on a two week beta schedule but have had to hold back b2 because of blocker bugs. It happens all of the time in software.

  • Sarcastic Texan

    I’m waiting myself. Tired of setting the Time Travel function on my watch to increment the date. Another annoying Watch OS bug.

  • J Cornwell

    You’ve been saying it’s going to be “today” for the last two days… Do you just re-post the same article and change the dates?

    • Whatever gets us to see the article and advertisements, right?
      >This thing should happen today, although tomorrow is unlikely and yesterday it didn’t happen.

  • Steve Gingras

    Not licked at this time

  • We can only hope it gets released today. Something tells me it will be tomorrow or even possibly later this week. IDK why but I feel like the schedule for this will be different than usual.

    • steffen ulvnes

      Hope so too. I have been getting error 14 on iTunes ALWAYS. And on Mac with xcode 8 beta installed and open it gives me error 14 still or the firmware is corrupt, when it isn’t. Do you think this will be fixed in Beta 2??

      • There’s just no way of knowing for sure.

      • Justin

        Have you tried updating your iTunes, your Mac OS X and try another USB port to connect too?

        • steffen ulvnes

          Yeah. Trust me I know all kinds of things about this. And pc in general as well as iOS things. I have had the latest iTunes, Mac OS X El Capitan latest update, even tried on virtual machines, and many usb ports too :

        • I got error 14 too when trying to update. I’m sure the problem for you is that you did not download Xcode 8. At the top of the page where you downloaded the beta, it specifically said that you need Xcode 8. Also, you can try download the configurator and do and OTA update.

        • enz1ey

          If you “know all kinds of things about this” then you should know by now, the iOS betas have historically only worked well with iTunes/OS X betas also. You’re going to have problems using the latest PUBLIC iTunes release.

      • Felix

        I’ve got the same Error while installing through itunes. Download the last Verison of ios 9.3 from your dev account and rest your iPhone. Install the Beta-Profile and try to Download ios 10 OTA that worked for me.

      • Zack Morris

        if you get the dev Configuration Profile on your phone you can update ota with no issues. if youre a dev you know what I am talking about. If not, just google iphone Configuration Profile and you can find ways to email yourself the profile and install.

  • Ryan Nichols

    Mostly app crashes or malfunctions at this point (which is normal i suppose). Taco bell app doesn’t display correctly at all (for example haha) and snapchat makes the phone reboot after opening it twice. Beta 2 will most likely fix some of the stability issues but what I would like to see is less “looking like android and samsung” and more “set the bar as apple.” On a forum post I posted about having a clear screen (Laforge glasses and google glasses seem to have this down) and I’m still not sure about the “no swipe to unlock” thing but it’s something we can get used to. I just am waiting for Apple to do something that no one else has done and not just in design but in software. Notifications are looking more and more like samsung galaxy phones and while that’s nice for people who are switching…I am a die-hard apple fan who would like to see apple setting the stage again. Anyway…different topic. Beta 2… fix dem app crashes and notification center glitches and great job on the new siri interactions. One day we’ll have our “Jarvis” version of siri 🙂

  • عبد الله الشيخ

    Waiting for beta 2

  • Nyk0n

    1PM Moutain time…eagerly waiting for Beta 2…..the bedtime alarm is at full volume no matter what all of sudden (after working fine for last two weeks) nearly jumped out of bed and hit the ceiling it was so loud

  • Abraham Barceló

    With my iPad Pro 9.7, when using headphones I can hear Siri but I can’t listen to music or watch videos, no sound can be heard on the headphones other than Siri.

  • Eric Plunkett

    Wondering if they are going to release an update today?! Thought maybe they would being two weeks after beta 1 was dropped, but haven’t seen anything yet! What about everyone else?!

  • Justin Edwards

    Still wondering why iOS doesn’t have audio crossfade for music.. Come on apple this feature would be amazing it’s already in the iPod nano’s (touch screen)..

  • Byron Barnett

    people this is a beta. it has bugs you all knew out the gate it would have bugs so quit complaining.

    • Sarcastic Texan

      Checking out an article on the beta but criticizing those who download the beta for everyday use.

      Why are you here then? In this article? You should stick with the rest of the luddite and illiterate crowd.

      Me, I want the latest. Even if it’s barely Alpha. And it’s my right to complain — as I’m paying my $99 a year to Apple gives me the right to voice concern and alert about bugs.

  • Mohamed Rashwan

    I am not sure, but seems for me the notification plays the default sound instead of the one registered by the app. I hope this will be fixed as well.

  • sanguiseritmeus

    Crashes often…new photos don’t sync to my phone…battery drain…sometimes Notification Center banners don’t activate properly…3rd party widgets are not resizing properly on widget screen…when tapping on a Calendar date, it takes you to that date and then right away takes you back to the current date…Music doesn’t remember where you left off…lots of freezes….News doesn’t refresh unless manually…Apps crash…just a few of the bugs, but you know they’ll get sorted out

  • Cole Mowbray

    It’s a beta, yes there are a lot of bugs and apps crashing, if you aren’t a developer, you have no business being on the beta, as it’s for developers, if y’all could just be patient and wait until July for the public beta, there will be a lot less glitches, or wait until the GM, and have almost no glitches.

    You can’t update to a beta software that isn’t meant for you, and complain that there are a lot of bugs. That’s not how it works.

    Complaining on a forum about glitches won’t do anything, you have to report it to Apple. They don’t check this site.

    • Ellen

      The article asked: “What would you like to see from the iOS 10 beta 2 release notes when it finally becomes available?”

      People are answering that question.

    • Roger

      Whatever man, no need to be salty. Some people like to brag to their friends that they have the latest version of iOS. Beta 2 will almost certainly sort out many glitches.

    • Sarcastic Texan

      Got no business you say? Well excuse me.
      I have every right to pay my $99 a year like any developer and enjoy the fun and joys of beta software.
      No business using it he says…….

  • Matt Christiansen

    Mail app crashes, phone app doesn’t always complete outbound calls, can’t hear the person on the other end, and the orientation seems not be able to figure out how the phone is being held. I know it’s a beta and there is bugs I am only stating what bugs I have experienced personally on my 6s +

  • Josh Witt

    Battery drain issue as well + when iCloud Photo Library is turned on photos won’t auto create memories or show related photos. Plus minor bugs and crashes. Nothing too bad I’m running my daily with it. Very stable for first beta.

  • Raphael Adams

    They need to fix the bugs that cause certain apps to crash

    • Zack Morris

      the apps need to be updated rather than apple fix the bugs. For example, my bofa app crashes with ios 10 beta 1. Its not apples fault but rather bofa needs to update their app to be compatible with ios 10.

      • Ellen

        devs can’t submit updates for iOS 10 until the GM. so there’s nothing that can be done until then.

        • Zack Morris

          Agreed. Just telling the dude the app crashing isn’t necessarily iOS 10s fault but rather the app needs to be updated for compatibility.

        • JohnJ14

          Lol you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve already had several apps with bug fixes for iOS 10. Even says so in the update change log.

          Example- Official Reddit app. Look at the update change log.

  • KingCapning

    Iphone 6 plus has battery drain also

  • non

    They need to fix the Equaliser for music.

    • Jose Rivera

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed this…

      • non

        And now iOS beta delete the synced song when u did nothing. Sigh.