iOS 10.1 beta 3 release for bugs

By Peter Chubb - Oct 11, 2016

Update: it was only last week that Apple released the second beta for iOS 10.1, and just yesterday iOS 10.1 beta 3 was released.Apart from Portrait mode for the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus there’s also a new toggle setting in Accessibility, which is called Auto-play Message Effects. This is part of the Reduce Motion family, and will disable Messages bubble and screen effects.

Well this first beta release is now available for download since iOS 10 went live just over a week ago, and that is iOS 10.1 beta 1. This latest version includes the new bokeh depth-of-field Portrait feature, although only for the iPhone 7 Plus. This means you take images of a person, and then the camera will automatically blur the background. We can also see from the release notes that iOS 10.1 is to fix motion handling, although there is no mention of a fix for the headphone issue, and also Airplane mode, and so we can only assume that 10.0.2 will fix those issues.
According to the developer release notes, iOS 10.1 includes a fix for motion handling. Developers will be able to access barometric pressure data for iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro.

iOS 10.1 includes the bokeh depth-of-field Portrait feature for the iPhone 7 Plus, which allows users to take pictures of people and have the phone synthetically blur the background. The public beta for iOS 10.1 will be available on Friday, so more people can try out the iPhone 7 Plus ‘special sauce’.

Even though Apple are still working on updates for iOS 9, they are already hard at work on the next version, which is to be called iOS 10. There are a lot of expectations in regard to this upcoming version, and whatever way you look at it, Apple have pretty much updated many of the issues that people have with iOS 9. Not only that, but there are some great new features as well, details of which you can see here.

We cannot believe that it was a matter of four days from the time iOS 10 beta 6 was released to the seventh beta. We now have to wonder if that was the last version of the beta, or could we see iOS 10 beta 8 released just before going GM? We’re not sure what changes have been made to this version, but Reddit users have been sharing their findings.

Well, iOS 10 beta 3 is now released, and so developers will be able to see what changes have been made. Looking at the image of the release notes below we can get an idea of just what has changed. We will no go over some of the current bugs below.

iOS 10 beta 3 release notes

iOS 10 beta 1 release date and bugs

iOS 10 current bugs – We are getting reports that some iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users are noticing their battery life is draining far quicker with iOS 10 beta 1 than it did with 9.3.2. We have more details in this article, but we do have a feeling some of these figures are being exaggerated because these users are just using the OS far more than they usually would to test out the new features.

There are reports suggesting that some devs are being locked out of their Apple ID, and so have led them to send account recovery requests. We believe this is only an isolated issue, but not certain if it is down to a bug within iOS 10 beta 2, or more specific to certain hardware.

We can see that there are 15 new features and changes to iOS 10 with the third beta, but they are bound to bring issues, and we have already seen a few appear already. One problem that Apple have yet to fix is the Disqus bug, which when you are logged in and you visit a website that uses the Disqus comment tool and then you start to type in the box and you click the x button at the bottom right-hand side of the keyboard in order to erase characters, the page will often go from the comment text box to the bottom of the page, which can become annoying.

There have also been reports that the keyboard is no longer suggesting emojis anymore. There are also concerns that Apple Pay is not working for some of those that have updated to iOS 10 beta 3, and if this is the case, then this does have to be one of the worst problems so far since the release of this new OS.

Check back for detailed information on current problems.

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  • Jenny

    Wonder if we could actually see iOS 10 beta 6 released today, seeing as though it was only a week gap between beta 4 and eta 5?

  • CharmedSista3

    My iPhone 6 keeps locking up and I have to keep resetting the phone. I could be in any App and the game (etc..) will still be working but the touch screen feature is not working. When this happens I have to hard reset the phone by pressing the home button and then the power button because the swipe feature does not work to slide on the power off screen.

  • Instagram crashing non stop. Won’t open at all now.

  • Zoreo

    Lots of frozen keyboard issues.

  • Boobs

    Big issues with Preview crashing evert time

  • Dominic

    I am starting to wonder if this new click sound is actually a bug rather than a new feature, as it does not sound right to me.

  • Russ

    I have this feeling that Apple will start to release the first few betas in three week cycles, although that could slow down the closer we get to the final release in September.

  • Jacob Treier

    Bank of America app and the GEICO app both do not work even on iOS 10 beta 2

  • Savage

    iOS 10 beta 2 on iPhone 6s Plus is AMAZING

  • Brendan B-man Brøwn

    iPhone 5 keyboard is very laggy and the spellcheck is worse!!

  • Joss

    Not happy, as they have changed the keyboard click back to the original sound.

  • Jon

    Terrible Grammar!

  • J Cornwell

    You really need to check your articles before you post them. So many errors.

  • Jasmin Johnson

    Can they add back where you slide up you can play the music it’s hard having to go back in the music app to play and stop music 🙄

    • Kenneth

      It’s already there there’s an extra page in the control center with the music controls

      • Jasmin Johnson

        Omg thank you!

  • Tony Warner

    My iOS10 Facebook app crashes a lot and Bank of America bank app is very buggy I can’t even get it to load
    Also have problem with quick reply on lock screen I start to reply and after certain time it goes black and crashes

    • Chris White

      I have only gotten Bank of America app to fully open once. Looks like we wait for them to update the app, or log in through Safari for the time being.

    • Cole Mowbray

      Well, that’s what happens with you have beta software on your device. Apple releases these betas strictly to the developers so their apps will work, if you aren’t a dev then there is no reason for you to be on it, as most apps will be broken.

    • Eric Swinson

      They probably work just fine with your primary decide that you left on iOS 9.3.2.

      • JayNice

        How do I get iOS 10

    • Byron Barnett

      iOS 10 beta 2 fixed the Facebook crash. But the battery drains faster. Already submitted this issue to Apple through the testing phase I am doing

  • Takleberry

    Anyone else getting a notification sound every once and a while and nothing shows?

    • George D

      Its when you get an email

    • Steve

      I’m using beta 10. It looks like it’s powering off every so often and then returns with the sign-in screen. Not sure if it’s sending information to Apple at that time or a bug. I’m new to the developer program.

  • Brandon

    i have a problem with my iphone 6s. whenever i want to watch videos the lock orientation is locked and tilting it doesnt work.

    • Jasmail Singh

      Its a bug, I had the same problem on all of my devices running iOS 10

      • Takleberry

        If you have the video opened all the way say for Facebook when you can’t see any of the post in the background then you are able to shift the orientation. Found that out after a few tries

  • Jasmail Singh

    Hopefully they could add an option where you can double tap the home button on the lock device so it goes straight to the password screen, rather than to having it to turn on and then click the home button to unlock.

    • Nyk0n

      if you click once to wake the screen and leave your touch id finger on the home button it unlocks exactly the same….if the screen is woken by power button or a raise to wake feature (6S/S PLus and SE only) then you touch ID then click home to go to home screen

      • Jasmail Singh

        Thanks for letting me know, I understand what you are talking about, however, i was referring to the non- touch id devices, where if you just want go straight to the home screen or passcode screen when it is turned off by a double home button press. In the other hand, i never knew about the raise to wake feature on my Iphone 6S, so thanks for that, i also have an iPod 6 which i just use for music and other stuff and it is really annoying to wait for the screen to turn on and then press the home button to unlock, but thanks anyways.

  • Nyk0n

    can finally rearrange carplay icons!!!! Settings-General-CarPlay tap the car receiver name and then long press icons to “grab” them then drag to new location!

  • Ian

    I cannot see why Apple has made such a change, especially when they even took Samsung to court about being copied for using the slide to unlock feature?

  • Gail

    It’s going to take weeks to get used to this new way of unlocking by iOS device once iOS 10 is released.

    • Neil Urban

      So long as you have an iPhone with Touch ID, the unlock experience is all but completely unchanged. The only significant difference is that you can now simply lift the device and the screen will detect that you are positioning it for use and will turn on the screen so that you can view your notifications on the lock screen without bypassing it too quickly due to the speed of Touch ID . At this point, all you must do is click and briefly hold the home button with a Touch ID registered finger to access the home screen.

      Another change is in that if you do not wish to use a Touch ID registered finger to unlock, simply click the home button and it will prompt you to enter your passcode. This is the only change that should require any amount of rethinking, but clicking the home button is such an involuntary gesture that it shouldn’t be burdensome.

      If you wish to jump right to the home screen, all you have to do is click the home button with a Touch ID registered finger and hold it for a second for it to unlock. On 6S models, the sensor is so fast that most of the time just clicking the home button with an eligible finger will unlock it — literally, click to unlock. This process is effectively unchanged from the current public version of iOS 9 when using Touch ID.

      In all, the unlock experience is much the same as in iOS 9, especially if you have an iPhone 5S or newer. I cannot imaging it taking “weeks” to get used to these unlocking changes, but rather a day or two at the absolute most.

      • chelsea vader

        It does take some time to get used to. Especially with the raise to wake feature. I keep forgetting I have to press it down as well but it makes no sense. before wepressed the home button to turn the screen on but when the screen is already on my muscle memory just touches the home button not press it.

  • Mike

    Some of the features are not bad, but feel that Apple have played it a bit safe with iOS 10.

  • Abigail

    I wonder just how many betas there will be this year until the full version is released, because if this is a major overhaul, then there could be more than last year?

  • Dale

    I don’t know, from the feeling I get it’s as though Apple have already given up on Game Center – although I could be wrong.

  • Ben Tarr

    I’m not worried about bugs. I’ll be running the public betas from the start on my iPhone and iPad, and OS X on my Mac. I can’t stand the thought of not being on the latest software available, and I’ve never had a problem with betas running on my daily drivers.

  • Mervin

    I reckon that iOS 10 beta 1 download will start around 2 hours after the keynote begins at WWDC, as that’s roughly how long it will run for.

  • Nathan

    I would love to get my hands on iOS 10 beta 1 early, although just hate the thought of trying out a new version and suffering from the many bugs that will come with it.