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Increase HTC Thunderbolt Battery Life With Wireless Charging

Last week we offered details on how you could increase the HTC Sensation and EVO 3D battery life, We, we now thought that owners would like to know how to increase HTC Thunderbolt battery life with wireless charging. There is already a great choice of devices on the market for giving you more battery performance, but this has to be the one that you have been waiting on?

The one thing that stood in its way was FCC approval, well now the device is on the website and is now waiting to get the go ahead for a release. The battery on the HTC Thunderbolt has been its Achilles heal, something that users knew well before purchasing it. However, they bought it knowing/hoping that a solution would be found.

The solution is an wireless inductive charger, which we have seen used on a number of other handsets, such as certain BlackBerry models, the iPhone, and also the Palm Pre has its very own version. Now Wireless Goodness reports that Verizon is already offering users the choice of an extended battery, but it will be much better to have a wireless option as well.

It is all well and good having such devices to extend battery life, but what they also do is add extra weight as well. What good is it to have a device like an iPhone 4 with its sleek thin design; only to spoil it with adding a few extra millimeters and pounds? As yet there is no word on pricing or when the device will be released, but we will keep you informed.

Will you get the HTC Thunderbolt wireless charger if and when it gets released?

Written by Peter Chubb

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