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iGoogle Alternatives: Replacement for Firefox, Mac and Chrome

Now that the iGoogle homepage has shutdown, which as you know ended yesterday, November 1, 2013, there is now a dilemma for many desktop and laptop users because they will now need to look for alternatives. We have never used this custom homepage, but we know plenty of people who have and are now looking for an iGoogle replacement for Firefox, Mac and Chrome.

These alternatives need to work well with Firefox, Mac and Chrome, and while it is a big deal losing iGoogle, it does show there is life after this service, although you have to wonder how they will compare, and if they will lack features?

Thankfully. OSM has been looking at a few alternatives for those users above, and on first look, they don’t seem too bad.

Just one iGoogle alternative
Just one iGoogle alternative

First on the list is NetVibes, which works rather well with Firefox because you are able to create your very own customized browser. It can work on other browsers, but it is said to run smoother on Firefox.

Second on the list is Startific and is a great all-rounder because it runs very well on all browsers, although it does work a little better on Mac devices using Safari. However, we are not certain how well it works on the latest version of Safari because we know there have been a few teething issues with the browser.

Incredible StartPage for Chrome speaks for itself, as it is solely for the Chrome browser. There are some great features for this iGoogle alternative, such as creating notes, page overviews of recently visited pages and so much more.

There are several other iGoogle alternatives, such as StartMe and igHome, which OSM has more details on, as well as MyYahoo, Symbaloo, Shutdown and many more.

Written by Peter Chubb

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