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Hummingz EVO HD 1.0: Retro arcade game for iPad

Be aware of those strange creatures lurking in your back yard and fend them off with this new game app. Hummingz EVO HD 1.0 is a fun retro arcade game for the iPad.

Get ready to shoot down those bees, spiders, frogs, and other creatures in this great arcade game. The object of the game is if it is pale, catch it and if it is colored, shoot it as stated in an article by Stefan Preuss. Hummingz EVO HD will have you gaining more bullets so you can kill more bosses.

To move your bugs just simply use your finger. Once you have shot your bug it will fall down, get 80-100 enemies to get a bonus shot, catch 100 mushrooms for an extra life and catch a snail to receive a 10-second magnet bonus that collects all falling things. Shoot the poison mushroom and blow up all the others.

More features are available like the two player version for both new users and advanced. There is a normal mode where you start with two shots acquiring another after catching 70 enemies. The scoring system gives points on certain bugs caught. With lots more features, Hummingz EVO is a great addition to the current arcade classsics.

Enact your revenge on those annoying little creatures with Hummingz EVO HD 1.0 on the iPad. For more information, visit the Apple Store.

Written by Marlon Votta

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