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HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 in thorough camera test

If you had to choose between two of the best Android phones right now, the choice would have to be the HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4. There are certainly some people that would favor the likes of Galaxy Note 3, but this is really classed as a phablet and more for those people that want something half way between a tablet and smartphone.

Today, we wanted to highlight a new video that landed on YouTube over the last week titled “HTC One UltraPixel vs. Galaxy S4 camera”. It is a hands-on review with both of these popular Android smartphones and looks at the cameras to see what handset would be the best choice for a camera phone.


HTC One camera specs — the image above is a screenshot from the video and features the mains specs for HTC One’s camera. You shouldn’t be too quick to count the HTC One camera as inferior to the Galaxy S4 based on megapixels.

HTC take a lot of pride in their new UltraPixel camera technology on the HTC One, which might only feature 4 megapixels, but offers increased pixel size to capture more light.


Samsung Galaxy S4 camera specs – Looking at camera specs alone it seems the Galaxy S4 has a big head start over the HTC One, if you look at only the 13 megapixels, but we urge our readers to watch the video comparison below this article to understand a lot more about UltraPixel’s and how both smartphones perform side-by-side.

You can see the almost 15-minute video below, so take a look at the thorough camera test and let us know your choice of HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4? What made you decide on your favorite smartphone?


If you want to see the HTC One vs. iPhone 5 in a camera test, then take a look at our earlier article that features a video and some detailed articles taking a closer look.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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Andrew M.

Update or not, the HTC camera is better than the S4. Using auto mode with the HTC one is terrible unless you’ve gotten the last update from htc. The phone shipped with firmware that overexposed pictures and that’s entirely HTC’s fault. One would think HTC would ship its phones with the latest software possible, but that’s not the case. Comparing both cameras, the S4 wins in sharpness due to 13 megapixels. It means you can zoom into pictures to fine detail, but that’s it. If you put in your own settings into the HTC camera, exposure, saturation, iso, etc you’ll… Read more »


This is the most biased comparison video iv seen. Me and my sister have done comparison between the two the macro setting on the HTC blows the s4 away and when u turn off the lights the HTC did better. The video spent a lot of time pointing at a set of lights behind a foundatian of course it’s going too look more washed the HTC is letting more light in make some adjustments and solved he is using the strengths against its……fake payed review


Dang auto correct, (then compare them).


Test seem ok. Need the software versions of both. Also for the test to be accurate you would have to get the same picture which means you would have to go a couple feet closer with the one, or a couple feet back with the s4 to have identical pictures IMO. I’ve done test on both and the one came out (barely) on top. Not bad considering 4 vs 13. I know that moving from the targets can be considered cheating, but to me it’s like comparing a turbo car to a naturally aspirated, add the turbo the compare basal.

Two ForMe
Two ForMe

It’s funny how this is the only review I’ve seen that heavily favors the S4. I doubt he’s gotten the update. I’ve played with an HTC One’s camera and none of them had ANY of the problems this guy had. I call hogwash….

Paul Bridgeman
Paul Bridgeman

Was the camera test done with the HTC One update?

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