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HTC EVO 4G Problem: Micro-USB port like Nokia N900

In the past the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint has had a few problems, the most recent being with the power button area cracking, as Jamie Pert reported in an article from a few days ago. We now have word that a new issue has cropped up with the micro-USB port.

Chris Ziegler from Engadget was tipped off by a few readers about a number of EVO users suffering from this issue – much like the one experienced by the Nokia N900. The problem is that the handset will often stop charging or charge intermittently

Without power you have a very expensive paperweight, that’s what Ziegler believes, and he is right. This could become a much bigger issue than it currently is, so we will need to keep a closer eye on this was as it develops.

HTC has responded to this current micro-USB port issue on both the HTC and Sprint community pages on their websites and informs owners that although this is a small issue it will still be covered under the standard 12-month warranty.

Have you experienced any issue with the micro-USB port on your HTC EVO 4G?

Written by Peter Chubb

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Cencor ship, I thought this was America, what you don't want to piss off your sponsors?


I have 2 HTC EVO's, I bought 1 for my teenage son, and 1 for myself. My sons miro usb port failed 1st. Sent to HTC and they said it was user abuse, which is false. It cost me about 55$ , 35$ for triage and 20$ for shipping. I contested their finding but utimately lost the argument. By the way my sons phone was 3 weeks old. Now at 4 months old my EVO is dong the exact same thing, not charging or connecting to the computer. I called Sprint will follow up. By the way the EVO is… Read more »


usb port is comletely failed….handled gently too. Im very pissed at this ridiculous problem on such a highly taughted device. I have to position the phone perfectly to charge… very aggrevated…


I did have a problem with my EVO charging light cutting off and on but realized it was the usb wire that was defective and not the charging port itself. I switched it with the usb wire from my palm pre and everything is fine again. I think a lot of people may find this to be their issue also.

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