How to turn off PS Plus auto-renew subscription

As we have just highlighted in our earlier piece of news, Sony is increasing the price of PlayStation Plus by 25% for 1 year subscriptions if you live in Europe.

This is naturally very bad news for many of you so we just wanted to give you a quick heads-up on how to turn off PS Plus auto-renew subscriptions as once you buy a year’s access to PS Plus, your PS4 console will have this setting turned on by default.

That means if you do not manually switch it off, your credit or debit card will be charged for another year automatically which a lot of gamers are unaware of.


To cancel your PS Plus subscription automatic renewal, do the following steps:

– Settings
– Account Management
– Account Information
– Services List
– Select ‘Turn off Auto Renew’

This will then allow you make an informed decision about your next renew period, instead of Sony doing it for you and you being extremely unhappy about it afterwards.

We know a lot of gamers have already fallen for this in the past, so with the price increase coming up make sure you warn your friends and family by highlighting the need to change this setting.



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