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How to get Red Gyrados in Pokemon Go

There is a new rumor going about about how to get a red Gyrados in Pokemon Go, in the wild. Previously we didn’t think it was possible as the multiple red Gyrados we saw were all evolved from a shiny Magikarp.

However images being circulated like the one below on social media suggest that it may be possible to find a red Gyrados in the wild on Pokemon Go if you are lucky enough.


The only problem with this is that there is no definitive proof that it is possible and this image could easily have been photoshopped.

With this in mind, we want your help Pokemon Go players. Has anyone seen a red Gyrados in the wild on Pokemon Go, if so how did you get it and which location?

If you want to know the normal method of getting a red Gyrados, see our previous article here which talks about shiny Magikarp.



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