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How To Create A Daily Deal Website Like HotUKDeals

To code a deal website like hotukdeals in PHP, you will need to have some basic knowledge of web development, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL. You will also need a PHP web server and a text editor or an IDE.

There is no ready-made CMS that can create a deal website like hotukdeals, but you can use some existing frameworks or libraries to speed up the development process. For example, you can use Bootstrap for the front-end design, Laravel for the back-end logic, and Markdown for the content formatting.

Here are some general steps to create a deal website in PHP:

  • Plan the structure and features of your website, such as the categories, sections, pages, navigation, user registration, posting deals, voting, commenting, etc.
  • Create a database schema and tables to store the data of your website, such as users, deals, votes, comments, etc. You can use MySQL Workbench or phpMyAdmin to design and manage your database.
  • Create the templates and files that define the overall HTML structure and layout of your website. You can use Bootstrap to create responsive and mobile-friendly web pages. You can also use PHP includes or Laravel Blade to reuse common elements such as header, footer, sidebar, etc.
  • Create the PHP scripts that handle the dynamic functionality and interaction of your website. You can use Laravel to create routes, controllers, models and views that follow the MVC pattern. You can also use Laravel Eloquent to query and manipulate your database data.
  • Create the markdown files that store the main content of some individual pages. You can use Markdown syntax to format your text with headings, lists, links, images, etc. You can also use PHP Markdown or Laravel Markdown to parse and convert your markdown files into HTML output.
  • Test and debug your website on your local server. You can use XAMPP or WAMP to set up a local PHP web server on your computer. You can also use PHP built-in web server by running php -S localhost:8000 in your terminal. You can use Chrome DevTools or Firefox Developer Tools to inspect and troubleshoot your web pages.
  • Deploy and host your website on a remote server. You can use FTP or SSH to upload your files to your web server. You can also use Git or Composer to manage your dependencies and updates. You can choose from various web hosting providers that support PHP and MySQL.

This is a very simplified overview of how to code a deal website like hotukdeals in PHP. There are many more details and challenges involved in creating a fully functional and secure website. You will need to learn more about PHP syntax, functions, classes, sessions, cookies, forms, validation, security, etc. You will also need to learn more about web design principles, user interface design, user experience design, accessibility, SEO, etc.

You can find many online resources and tutorials that can help you learn more about PHP web development. For example:

  • PHP Tutorial – W3Schools
  • Learn PHP – Codecademy
  • Laravel Documentation
  • Bootstrap Documentation
  • Markdown Guide

We hope this helps you get started with coding a deal website like hotukdeals in PHP. Good luck!

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