Add French flag to change Facebook profile to overlay picture

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 15, 2016

This article received an update on July 15th after the terror attack in France involving a lorry driver. This resulted in our readers asking how to add the French flag to their Facebook profile picture again, but this time as an overlay in 2016 following another attack. It’s nice the social network users want to show respect in this way.

How to add the French flag to change your Facebook profile picture: Go To Rainbow Filter and then you just click “Facebook Login”, then you need to allow that website to access your Facebook account, and finally Rainbow Filter will generate a new profile picture with the filter for a French flag overlay.

OLD ARTICLE: Millions of people are showing their support for the attacks in Paris by looking how to add the French flag to their Facebook profile picture. In a nutshell, this will change the Facebook profile picture to a French flag overlay, so your previous photo is still visible but with a faint overlay of the French flag.

While we are not telling others to do this, it’s clear a lot of Product Reviews readers wanted to show their support by doing what hundreds of their friends and family are doing. The problem is, it’s not clear how some people are putting the French flag on their Facebook profile and this has caused some confusion.


All you need to do is track down someone that already has done it and this sounds simple at first, although it won’t work for thousands and there’s a reason for this. If you are using the Facebook app on iPhone, then you will notice you cannot find the “Try It” button that shows you how to put the French flag overlay on your Facebook profile picture.

The answer is to head to a web browserThis posting (This doesn’t work anymore, use new option at top of this article in update) on Facebook has a “Try It’ button, but you need to access this in your mobile phones web browser and not through the Facebook app, or you will have problems and won’t see the button. It really is that simple, give it a try if this is something you feel strongly about doing.

Any problems, then feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • Ben

    Thanks, showing support for Nice.

  • Heathen Samm

    Just like when people were overlayering a rainbow flag, I can’t make this one work either. I click on the “try it” button on other people’s pictures. My screen flashes, I briefly see the 3 vertical lines denoting loading, then the page resumes its normal look. This happens on my macbook with both Firefox and Safari browsers. I tried altering my picture by going to my main page, clicking on my profile picture, and choosing edit. In the foreground is a box with “loading” at the top, with 3 vertical lines moving in place in the center of the box. It’s been doing this for over 10 minutes! Behind this is another box with “update profile picture” on top, and filled with pictures from my feed. Behind this is my regular page. Very Frustrating.

  • Cedericoco

    After changing the picture (with the flag), how to get my previous picture profile back afterwards?

  • Stanley Greenspoon

    When I click “try it” , the computer screen flashes momentarily, but does not display a way to modify profile picture,

    • Kathleen Farmer Lamantia

      Same thing happens to me. Can’t change it.