Horizon Zero Dawn 1.05 update for next features

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2017

Update: We’re very happy to report that a new Horizon Zero Dawn update is live! This is the 1.04 patch so skip to the bottom of this article for the full Horizon Zero Dawn 1.04 patch notes as of March 14, 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn is finally here after all of the pre-release build up and it looks like the hype was fully justified. Many of you are absolutely loving the game and now we take a look at what Guerilla Games plan to do with regards to all future support for the game.

We’ve set up this page so you can check out the latest Horizon Zero Dawn patch notes as they come in. Next up should be the Horizon Zero Dawn 1.05 patch notes, as the 1.04 update arrived on March 14..


We know that many of you have been having problems with Horizon Zero Dawn crashes at certain cinematics, but what are the other priority fixes that you need to see personally to improve your gameplay experience?

Keep checking back at this page and we’ll bring you all of the Horizon Zero Dawn changelogs as we get it – although bear in mind that it doesn’t look like Guerilla Games has set up a proper patch notes website yet.

Downloading a new Horizon Zero Dawn 1.05 or 1.06 patch and need to know the changes? Let us know below!

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  • brad

    the outfit stats are still messed up, when will this be fixed??

  • TechViewer100

    This game is worst than a beta! I returned the first Disc to GameStop and swapped for a new one. Then patch 1.04 came out and I downloaded it of course. Game continues to freeze at any given point. Can’t get through the gates after talking with Rost to get into the Matriarch place where the proving starts. It crashed around 5 times in a row!! Other places before this – like on a rock trying to help a girl find her crazy brother! For $60 I expect the whole game to be fixed, not piece by piece. They need to start taking bugs into account when they rate games.

  • Hydraulic

    downloading the new patch now! Nice to see Guerrilla keep up with constant fixes for us 🙂

  • Cella Canterr

    It lost the important bug, the city of sun mission!

  • Jamie Krukowski

    I platinum’d the game yesterday afternoon, didn’t have any issues throughout my playthrough at least. Thankfully.
    I really, REALLY hope they take a leaf out of CDPR’s book and add a NG+ mode.

    • Brian

      let’s hope it’s not like the NG+ in FFXV too.. damn!

  • Thomas

    i think they’ve fixed the ancient armory quest bug

    • Lightpyro Berg

      there is no problem with that. you just need to find all the 5 cells but if you forgot some of theme you can get it later in the game when you are finish. just look at youtube for locations if you are not sure where they are..depend where you forgot it.

  • Erik

    downloading the patch notes, only 200mb they can’t have done much