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Holding out for PS4 Slim release date

It seems some gamers are still hoping to see the PS4 Slim release date within the next year and some bloggers even try to predict its launch window from previous hardware patterns, which leads to wild guesses like October 2015. We touched on the chance of the slimmer console coming in 2014 at the start of this year and this is obviously not going to happen now.

While the price has dropped slightly, especially during events like Labor Day, for some it is the PlayStation 4 in a slimmer model they desire.


We have included a few tweets below that reveal how some people are going to wait until the PS4 Slim release date, rather than purchase the current model. Personally, we think there’s more need for an Xbox One Slim considering how much bigger it is when compared to the PS4.

It’s clear some people agree with us in regard to how thin the PS4 is already, so a Slim wouldn’t be needed anytime soon unless we are talking about the Xbox One.

Do you think Sony and Microsoft should launch slimmer models of their new consoles next year? Or, is it fair to say PS4 is slim enough as it is and the need for something slimmer is best left for Xbox One? Leave your thoughts with what you want to see below.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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Ps4 is slim enough. Stop being so cheap

Leon McGee
Leon McGee

Not entirely on subject here, but history has shown that game systems will usually make a slimmer, shinier, and more bug free model once the sales slow down of the original launched system. This is one main reason I have not bought either system. For example: I knew that if I bought a system at launch, that there were going to be issues: bugs, not enough games, etc. My main thought was the fact that I knew that special edition models would follow once the bigger titled games came out: Modern Warfare XBox One decal edition. It is nice to… Read more »

Herve Shango
Herve Shango

Sorry i’ll will not be getting the slim ps4, i’ll be keeping my OG ps4 which i love to bits.

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