Best Hellblade Walkthrough to stop permadeath

If you have just bought Hellblade and are looking for a walkthrough to watch alongside your adventure, we have picked out one of the best Hellblade walkthroughs on PS4 Pro and in stunning 1080p HD.

It’s the game that everyone is playing at the moment, but it’s no secret that one of the biggest talking points is also about Hellblade’s permadeath mechanic in the game.

For those that are not aware, if you die too many times in Hellblade, the game will actually delete your game save data and you will have to restart from the very beginning of the game – no lie.


This has caused mixed reactions as you can imagine on social media, but with the Hellblade Walkthrough below, you can ensure that you can stop permadeath from happening if you are worried about it being too difficult.

Are you happy to admit that you need a Hellblade walkthrough guide to help you along the way because you are so scared of the game deleting your save data?


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