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Hearthstone demand on Android versus iPhone

It is pretty clear more people want to see Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on Android than on iPhone, which might be in part due to iPad owners already having the app to download. The Apple tablet is much more suited to playing this sort of game with its bigger display and this could be one reason it has already released, although we know plenty of our readers with iPhone’s and Android devices want to see the Hearthstone released date as soon as possible.

We’ve taken a look at recent polls and search demand. This information reveals people are looking for Hearthstone on Android around 4 times more than iPhone owners. This doesn’t mean people don’t want the game on iPhone, although it is clear where the demand currently lies and this trend hasn’t changed for the last 3 months.

Are you still waiting for the Hearthstone app release date on Android and iPhone? If so, what platform would you rather see get the game first? We know that the developers are continually supporting the iPad version with bug fixes releasing in the last couple of weeks, and at the start of August we heard that an iPhone release is still in development.

Feedback from our readers indicates that the iPad version isn’t good for long gaming sessions, especially considering it can “hurt your hands” when playing for a while. While we’ve heard directly about this problem from our readers, it’s true that many games on iPad create the same issue.

Hearthstone demand on Android

We also touched on the possibility of the Hearthstone Android release before iPhone and how some people are very frustrated with a lack of information from Blizzard. The official Play Hearthstone Twitter channel is a good place to follow for hints, although they’ve also been silent lately on any release information other than one interesting comment about Hearthstone for iPad being ideal for treadmills.

Bottom-line: The evidence points to a greater demand for Hearthstone on Android than iPhone, at least in terms of people searching online, although we’d love to hear your thoughts on this below. We also wonder if Blizzard know this and desire to launch on Android first.

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I have been waiting for the Android release! I’ve wanted it on Android when the beta for the PC came out… the first time I play it, it will be on an Android device.


I’m not even messing with this game until it comes out for Android. They could at least do a preliminary release for larger popular tablets and expand support as time allows. At least knock out the Android heavyweights.


I am waiting for the Android release before I put any money into this game (such as buying the single player mode).


I am frustratedly awaiting the iphone release… ugh!


Yes, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10 awaiting the arrival of Hearthstone to actually get back on it. Clash of clans doesn’t need your interaction enough to even be on mobile platforms, yet it’s there, in all Platforms. I want Hearthstone on Android yesterday! lol

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