Hands On: Stylophone Electronic Organ

When I look back to my childhood I have to say that there were some great things that I could play with, sadly the Stylophone Electronic Organ was not one of them. Don’t get me wrong when my brother first had is back in the late 70’s it did sound good, but like many things back in those times it was great for the 70’s.

We seem to be in a culture where things from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s are making a comeback, but should they just leave well alone. The Stylophone was first launched back in the 1960’s, and was marketed as “The Electronic Organ in your Pocket.” Makes me wonder why they are still using that marketing tactic today, when I have something smaller, which sounds better in my pocket, my Apple iPhone.

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Whenever I write a review more often than not the product impresses me, I feel that I should say something good about the stylophone as it was sent to us to review, but if I said I liked it and it was great, how could our readers think that we are credible.

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Do not get more wrong this device will be great for a number of people, but I am not one of them, but who am I. David Bowie seems to think that the Stylophone is great, as he used it in “Space Oddity” and it has also been on Doctor Who. This has to be one of the most retro items that we have seen in years.

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Re:Creation have made a few changes to the device, the design and concept remains the same, even the packaging looks almost the same from all those years ago. There are however a few new features which certainly helps the Stylophone, such as a volume control, MP3 input and two new sound settings.

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The Stylophone has an electronic keypad, which responds to the touch of a stylus, the sound comes from a speaker hidden behind a silver plastic grill. The stylus is always connected to the device with a wire.

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There are two buttons on top of the device, the on/off and the vibrato. On the front, we have the three different sound settings and on the right side we have the volume, make certain that it is not turned to full, the speaker is not made to go that loud.

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The left side is where we have the MP3 input and the headphone socket. The review unit that I have seems to have been put together by five-year-old. There is a white sticker on the front, which shows you your notes, mine is rippled and is starting to peel off. I really want to like this product, but things like that put me off. If they want to bring back a retro item, please make sure that the build quality is good.

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The Stylophone Electronic Organ does sound good when you have the volume set on low, ok the build quality is not good, but as long as people have fun that is what it is all about.

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Hands On Stylophone Electronic Organ

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