Hands-on: SKY Lasers Green Laser Pointer (532nm)

We have been sent a couple of laser pointers in the past, and although they were great fun, they were on the dangerous side. However, after being sent a new high power green laser pointer from Sky Lasers, we were very happy to see the addition of a key, which can turn the laser from high power to low power. This is certainly a great feature as you can safely use the device as a presentation pointer.

SKYLasers Green Laser Pointers (532nm) 13

The laser is presented in a stainless steel tin, and once we opened it we were shocked to see a white laser pointer instead of the usual black. Inside was also a key, allowing you to change the power settings, there is also cutouts in the foam inside the case to house the AAA batteries.

SKYLasers Green Laser Pointers (532nm) 12

I have never been a fan of these laser pointers as we have heard on many occasions of people shining them in the sky, and they can dazzle pilot’s eyes. Sky Lasers have understood this problem and have developed an adjustable beam, which we mentioned above. This will lower the intensity of the beam to a more comfortable level but it still has the power if and when you need it, let us hope that users of this gadget uses it responsibly.

SKYLasers Green Laser Pointers (532nm) 11

There is also another safety feature on this device, and that is an Infra Red Filter (IR Filter), this is built direct in to the aperture. This filter will reflect and block infrared wavelengths; this will stop the device from damaging your eyes. We still have to warn you that although the filter blocks out infrared, the beam is still visible and very dangerous to the eyes when viewed at directly.

SKYLasers Green Laser Pointers (532nm) 1

However, this is not a problem if you wear the safety glasses that comes provided, this will filter out the reaming light. You do look strange in them, as you can see from my images better that than the alternative.

SKYLasers Green Laser Pointers (532nm) 10

When we switched the beam on during the day, it is still visible but not very dramatic, always make certain that you have the beam on the lowest setting while you are trying the high power green laser pointer for the first time. While trying the device out I thought I would then turn the beam on to the highest setting, I was shocked at the difference, I am glad that I had my safety glasses on, taking them of would have certainly dazzled my eyes.

SKYLasers Green Laser Pointers (532nm) 7

I did not wish to try any of the claims that SkyLasers have made, why would I want to try and burn some rubber, that stuff stinks when it burns, and let’s forget about trying to burn my skin. I thought I would try the device out quickly by pointing this in the sky; I first made certain that there were no aircraft in the area, as well as cars nearby, and the claims of the beam traveling 50 miles looks to be correct.

SKYLasers Green Laser Pointers (532nm) 8

The SKY Lasers Green Laser Pointers (532nm) is truly a great device and is one-step ahead of its rivals. The idea of the two settings is great, but I do not know why anyone would want the laser pen on the high setting. However, when you do set it on high setting and point it at the sky, your friends are impressed with how far the beam travels. The low setting makes it ideal for presentations, which will be the main purpose of this laser pointer.

SKYLasers Green Laser Pointers (532nm) 3

I would just like to point out that this laser pointer is not a toy, so please treat it with all the necessary safety precautions.

SKYLasers Green Laser Pointers (532nm) 22

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