Hands-on: Laptop Lifts Protects and Cools

When using a laptop all day there is one thing that we have all experienced, the device often gets hot and the fan has to work extra hard to keep things cool. There are a number of laptop coolers on the market, some very expensive, while some of them are very reasonable. There is however another product that will cool your laptop, Laptop Lifts, this not only cools your laptop but protects it as well.

Hands-on Laptop Lifts Protects and Cools

Laptop Lifts is great for those of you who are on a budget, also the fact that they do not take up any extra space like most other laptop coolers on the market. Laptop Lifts are a simple design and use the passive cooling concept to keep your laptop cool. The downside to this product is that it will only provide cooling while on a flat surface and not on your lap.

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The concept of the design is simple, it raises your laptop just enough to increase airflow, this then keeps the temperature of the laptop down by a few degrees. The laptop lifts also provides a little extra grip, so your laptop will not slide around on flat surfaces, great, as the base of your laptop will not scratch.

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The Laptop Lifts comes in a vacuum formed sealed packaging, allowing you to see what comes in the pack. You get two long laptop lifts and four short ones, all made from rubber with double-sided sticky tape on the rear.

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Before we proceeded to place them on our laptop I made certain that, I put a t-shirt on the table so I did not scratch the top of my laptop. I then turned my laptop over so I could find the best place to position the lifts; I had a bit of a problem there. I have a Dell Studio 15 laptop and for those of you who have one know that the edges on the base all slope away, meaning that nothing flat will sit on it. I thought I would try to stick them to the rear of the laptop on the base; the laptop then rocked and was annoying.

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My next step was to try it on my wife’s Compaq laptop; this was a bit better I only needed to place two of the small ones on the rear of the base, as most of the areas were not perfect for the laptop lifts. It seems that most of you will have the trouble of finding a laptop that will allow the longer lifts.

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I made certain that I cleaned the surface first with an alcohol based cleaner; this assures that the laptop lifts will stick. The whole process is so simple; just peel of the backing of the laptop lifts and then place them in position the press gently. Then turn your laptop over and you are ready to go.

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We did notice that the laptop temperature was down by a few degrees, which certainly helps with the running of the device. Overall, we have to say that the concept is simple, but the cooling of the laptop depends on where your laptop vents its air. If you are looking for a quick, easy and cheap way to keep your laptop cool then the Laptop Lifts are perfect for the job.

Hands-on Laptop Lifts Protects and Cools 2

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