Hands-on: Jabra SP200 Drive ‘N’ Talk Bluetooth Speakerphone

If you live in the UK then you will know that if you talk on your phone while driving one of two things could happen, one you could get pulled up by the police as it is an offensive to drive while speaking on a mobile phone. The worst thing that could happen is that you could lose control of your vehicle and could have an accident, I am certain that you wish for none of these to happen. Jabra do have a perfect solution though with a range of Bluetooth speakerphones, we will be looking at their latest model, the SP200.

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The Jabra SP200 Bluetooth Speakerphone is from the Drive ‘N’ Talk Easy Series, this is not going to be as good as its bigger brother the SP700, but the SP200 has been designed for those on a tighter budget.

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When you are driving in your car there are three options for you to stay legal and talk on a mobile phone while driving, this first is to have a Bluetooth kit built in to your vehicle, the second is to have a Bluetooth headset in your ear, but this becomes uncomfortable. The third and one of the most popular choices is a Bluetooth speakerphone.

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Jabra are not stupid and they understand that budgets are tight, which is what led them to produce the SP200, but how will it perform against its bigger brother. The design of the SP200 is a lot like the SP700, but there are also a number of differences. Both models have lovely curves in its design and both have been designed to clip on to your cars sun visor.

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The SP200 does not feel as well built as the SP700 as it has a much duller and cheaper finish. The SP200 does not use the whole front to answer calls; there is one large push button that is near the front of the device near the volume control.

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Speaking of the volume, this is not tricky to use like the other Jabra models. This is not any longer a rocker switch, which was awkward to use, now there is a large wheel that is positioned at the front of the device, much easier and safer to control while driving.

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There is just one other button on the device, and that is the on / off switch. On the other side is the USB port used for charging the device. The device will conserve its power by switching itself off if it has not been used for more than 15 minutes. Do not worry because when you tap it to answer a call it will power back up again.

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Now it comes to pairing the Jabra SP200 with your phone, I have an iPhone and more often than not paring it with a device becomes a pain, but both paired easily, but that it what we love about Jabra. When it asks for a passcode, just enter the standard “0000” passcode. If you would like to to pair to another mobile phone at a later date, just force it to do so by holding down the call/answer button for at least five seconds, the LED will start to flash blue then.

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There is not much to explain now, when you get a call just hit the big call/answer button and you are ready to speak, if you find that the caller is too low or too loud, then the big volume control on the front is easy to use, well you can’t miss it can you.

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If you wish to activate voice dialing on the Bluetooth speakerphone, that is if your mobile phone supports it, then just press the button for two seconds while the device is in idle. This one button can also mute and unmute the speakerphone while in a call, just press the button for two seconds during that call.

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When we placed the Jabra SP200 Drive ‘N’ Talk Bluetooth Speakerphone on our sun visor and then got a colleague to call us I was surprised at how good the quality was this, is thanks to the built-in echo cancelation technology. We found that this cuts out a lot of background noise for those who were calling us.

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Do not get us wrong our callers knew that we were speaking on a speakerphone, but the voice quality is much better than you would imagine for a device of this price, the voice of the caller was clear and you could work out all that they were saying.

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The speaker on the device is very loud and found that we needed to keep the volume set at two-thirds of its level. Try not to turn the device to its full volume, that sound will get a little uncomfortable, as is starts to distort and sounds like a wounded bird.

The device comes with a USB lead and a USB car adaptor for charging in your car, this can also be used in a wall charger if you have one as there is not one included in the pack. While charging the LED will turn red and once fully charged will turn green. The Jabra SP200 will offer up to 10 hours of talk time and almost 23 days on standby.

As with all products there are always good and bad points, the only bad thing that we could find with the device is that is has a plastic feel. The simple to use device with its large volume control more than makes up for that, oh and the cheap price tag as well. We have to say that Jabra have done a great job with the SP200.

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