Hands-on: Logitech Ultimate Ears 200vi With Noise Isolation

We were sent a set of Logitech Ultimate Ears 200vi With Noise Isolation at the start of March, and it has taken this long to offer a review for a very good reason. That reason was because I was due to go on Holiday on March 7th, and thought what better way to try them out while out and about instead of at home.

My holiday was on the Nile in Egypt, so I already knew that after I have seen the temples I would be sitting on the top deck next to the pool. This was going to be the ideal testing ground, as there will be some noise from people in the pool, as well as other ships passing along the Nile — what better way to try out the Noise Isolation Feature.

It is said that Logitech Ultimate Ears are used by some of the top musicians, but as the 200vi come with a cheap price tag, these will be more for the average consumer. Having said that, £34.99 is still more than most consumers would pay for a set of in-ear headphones.

The first thing you will notice when you take the headphones out of the packaging is just how light they are, this is because of the plastic design. Other headphones like this we have reviewed in the past has some metal parts around the speakers, and it is this that adds to the weight.

Once you have unpacked everything you will see that there are five different size ear cushions to choose from — so you can no longer say that headphones like these will not fit you. The other bonus is that they have been made with a material that will not make you sweat.

So now that everything was unpacked, they had to be put away in my hand luggage — only to see the light of day again in Egypt. Oh, forget to mention that they came in a handy case, which is great to help protect them from getting damaged.

The moment that they went in my ears most of the outside noise was cancelled out, this is all thanks to Logitech’s Noise-isolating design. However, the annoying aspect of this is you can hear the slightest noise when you touch the headphone lead. It is certainly strange and took some time to get used too, although I have to admit that it is a small price to pay for not hearing most of the outside noise.

I can still remember the first song I listened too, as it is the one that I always use when reviewing headphones, this makes it much easier to know just how good they are. Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas is good, as it gives you the chance to see how well the Ultimate Ears 200vi perform when introduced to a lot of bass.

I mostly listen to my music at halfway on my iPhone 4, and things certainly sounded great, with the bass level sounding nice and at a comfortable level. However, things went a little downhill when the volume was turned up louder. The first increase was setting the volume at three quarters, and you can tell that the headset was struggling a little. Having said that, most of us would never go up that loud, as these Ultimate Ears 200vi are much louder at that level than those supplied to you by Apple.

My next song had to be something smooth with no loud baselines, so opted for a Craig David song. People might be laughing about now, but he has such a smooth voice and was ideal for this next test. The song was Just My Imagination and only has a guitar and drums, as well as his voice. This makes it ideal to test Logitech’s Sweet Sound feature, which they say has been “Engineered for faithful audio reproduction”.

The moment the song came on I was surprised with the clarity, as the sound was certainly sweet. Even turning the volume up to three-quarters did not distort anything, but it was just too loud to enjoy — I am shocked at high loud these little things can go.

Over the course of my two-week holiday I had used the headset a number of times, and they never ached once. Another added feature that I got to try out was when I received a few phones calls. The quality of the call was just like you get when listening to music, and much better than most Bluetooth headsets, as the noise cancellation feature came in handy.

You will notice from our images that there are controls on the cord; these allow you to adjust the volume, as well as change or pause a track and answers calls as well — making life much-easier.

The Logitech Ultimate Ears 200vi come in a choice of three colours, black, pink and blue, and as we mentioned, cost just £34.99. If you are not bothered with heavy baselines and that strange stethoscope like sensation then you cannot go wrong with these headphones, they are not that expensive, and much louder than most others in that price range.

Main specs include:

  • Cable length: 115 cm
  • Frequency response (mic): 200 Hz—10 kHz
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz—20 kHz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Noise isolation: 26 dB
  • Product weight: 12 g
  • Sensitivity (mic): -58 dBV/Pa
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB/mW (1 kHz)

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