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Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta: In-depth Review

It is pretty much a certainty that Halo: Reach will be a huge hit when it is released on the Xbox 360, the conclusion of JoyStiq’s recent hands on review of the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta seems to suggest that gamers will not be disappointed.

Their hands-on review looked at four new game modes, these game modes are Generator Defense, Headhunter, Stockplile and Invasion, Joystiq’s reviewer (Cory Banks) wrote the review after having six hours of Halo: Reach multiplayer gaming behind him.

Cory says that all of the new game types are objective-based modes, these objectives are team-focused and require good strategies if you want to win, apparently this makes all four modes pretty addictive.

I will briefly talk about all of the new game modes, however I would recommend checking out Joystiq’s fully detailed article for further information (link at the end of this post).

Generator Defense involves the Elites attempting to destroy three generators, if you play as the Spartans you must defend three generators. Apparently this game is suited to 3 vs 3 gameplay, when a round ends you switch sides.

can be played in free-for-all or team modes, you must collect skulls and deliver them to goals, these goals move throughout the match, kills do not count towards the result, however the more skulls you carry the more likely it is that someone will hunt you down, kill you and pinch your skulls.

Stockpile is another party mode game, this is variant of the popular Capture The Flag game mode, however this features four neutral flags, you must capture these flags and bring them to your own team’s goal, you must then keep these flags in your goal for a minute to score, this apparently requires takes some strategic defensive tactics.

Finally we will talk about Invasion, this is apparently the most ambitious of the new game modes, the 6 on 6 battle sees three tiers, each of which have different load outs, as the match progresses there are different objectives, this match is extremely difficult to explain without going extremely in-depth, therefore check out JoyStiq’s review which also includes plenty of screens.

What game mode do you like teh sound of the most?

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