Halo 5 unusual release date expected

We’ve been reporting the latest gaming and technology news for almost a decade, and we’ve seen brands doing their best to be untraditional of late, which has been seen clearly with a number of games and tech products. Some focus has shifted towards the Halo 5 release date since a growing number of gamers believe this would be the next update, which might be an unusual launch considering the Xbox 720 is expected to land in 2013/2014.

In the image below you can take a look at the Halo franchise and a timeline of different games based on this franchise, which shows Halo: Combat Evolved back in 2001. The timeline then shows Halo 2 in 2004, Halo 3 in 2007, and a busier 2009 with Halo Wars and Halo 3: ODST. The year after we saw Halo: Reach, which had been followed with Combat Evolved Anniversary last year. The latest addition has been Halo 4 that saw a release date within the last few days and confirms that the latter years have included more launches from this franchise, but it is fair to say these weren’t a major number upgrade.

The Halo 5 release date is unlikely to follow the previous pattern — there has been a lot of factors involved that explain why we’ve seen a 5 year gap between Halo 3 and Halo 4, which the last two editions only saw a 3 year gap with no Halo games to fill this space. There are also a number of reasons why we might see a much shorter gap between the Halo 4 and Halo 5 release dates, which is thanks to a new generation arriving in the form of a so-called Xbox 720.

Will we see Halo 5 launch on the Xbox 720, or could it be Halo 4: Next-gen? It will be interesting to see how 343 Industries play this and in our earlier article we saw their CEO touch on the next incarnation. You can read about that here, which reveals some insight into next-generation gaming, and the fact that they’re working on Halo for Xbox 720 already.

Would you prefer to see a full Halo 5 upgrade for Xbox 720, or would Halo 4: Next-gen be enough for you? While we’d love to see a new number again it is unlikely to happen considering the past releases, but you shouldn’t expect a 3-5 year gap until the Halo 5 release date.

The Halo 5 launch will depend on the Xbox 720 release date, so if it does in fact launch next year then you should expect an update to Halo 4, but if we see Xbox 720 launch in 2014 then we could see a full Halo 5 experience as a launch title. What would you like to see happen in terms of launch dates for both the hardware and software?

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Joshua Grooms

id like to see quality instead of quantity. I am somewhat disappointed in Halo4 campaign. the Elite are on borderline cartoony, the music didnt remind me EVER that it was halo other then a small point in the game. The legendary “hero” tune is completly gone. There arnt ANY big battle like halos of yesteryears where it FELT like you were in a war. the graphics actually seemed to take a step backwards compared to REACH. The aliens seems edgier, cleaner, and the AI controlling them seem to keep you on your toes more. And then of course the complete… Read more »

Shane Hemmings

This is the greatest game series to ever be created. It is by far my favorite game. Please please don’t stop on 4 this has so much potential. Master Chief deserves it.


This is a stupid article. 343i has already confirmed that there will be a halo 5 and 6.

Joseph Black

They should offer a free plug-in that boosts Halo 4’s textures and effects to 720 standards… they could make it part of a 720 exclusive map pack or something.


WTF is Halo


a full halo series XB720 release.


Halo 5… I’d like them to work on it, but I didn’t really like the cliff hanger they left Halo 4 on, so would like to know where the stories going! Story is one of the most important things to me.


next gen they need to work more on Halo 5


next gen.


Halo 5, Keep the story alive!!!

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