Halo 5 plausible storyline with Xbox 720 bonus

It is going to be interesting to see how the Halo 5 storyline plays out considering what happened within the current game, which has started Xbox 360 gamers debating what should be included in Halo 5 and how they expect the story to go. If you’ve been playing the current game and following the announcements from both Microsoft and 343 Industries, then you’d know that there’s a trilogy planned in the form of Halo 4, 5, and 6. We’ve seen some really good ideas as to what we need to see happen in Halo 5, and some gamers want to see a more explosive Master Chief that loses it a bit.

Xbox 720 and Halo 5 taking it to another level – following an interview a few weeks ago we published some details from the Q&A, and in this article we pointed out that the interviewer tried to dig for information on the next-generation Xbox, aka 720, and what work is currently being done for Halo 5 on the next generation of hardware. We also detailed a timeline here, which shows how the previous release dates have gone and what names the games received from this franchise, although things could be very different for the next incarnation.

We could simply see Halo 4: Next-gen land with improved graphics for the Xbox 720 at an event next year, but we’d favor something totally new in the form of Halo 5 with some major improvements in physics and graphics, which would be the bonus for the second and third games in this trilogy if they launch on the Xbox 720. If Halo 5 hasn’t been worked on this year then launching it next year might bring something with limited work done, so again this is why we’d prefer to see a Halo 5 more thought-out with a release date in 2014 on the next-gen Xbox.

Halo 5 plausible storyline – be warned that reading on from here and also looking at the comments on this page might deliver spoilers for the current game. Some gamers believe that Halo 4 had been “rushed“, and that Halo 5 will be the “golden egg” with a bigger and better storyline. Some of the ideas we’ve seen for the Halo 5 story include the possibility of an episode in the theme of “Search for Spock“, which could see Master Chief leave Earth looking for Cortana, although we also hear that a lot of fans want to see how the Spartans were created and how they were broke to make them a Spartan. This would also deliver a lot more insight into how MC had been created, and what process he had to go through.

How would you like to see the Halo 5 storyline proceed, and what do you want to see from Master Chief in the next game? We’d also love to hear from Xbox 360 gamers about the possibility of the game being a launch title for Xbox 720, if it happened how would you feel about this?

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