Guitar Hero Live 1.09 update features on PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Aug 19, 2016

We track all of the latest Guitar Hero Live updates on PS4, Xbox One and PC here on this page. When a new update for GHTV goes live, you can see what has changed quickly with official patch notes from the developers.

Newest Guitar Hero Live patch: 1.08 is now available as of August 9 and it was a 322.2MB install on PS4 specifically. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t givenplayers a heads-up in-game as to what is new on the new version other than stating ‘bug fixes’.

We can since confirm that the last Guitar Hero Live update did not add any kind of new features to the game, which for old players will have been very frustrating.


There seems to be a growing worry that Guitar Hero Live may be ‘dying’ slowly, with updates now restricted to 3 new songs per week without any news on what other areas will be improved upon in the game.

Are you still expecting more new features for Guitar Hero Live to come in 2016? Let’s not forget, this game was very expensive at launch, so tell us below in the discussion section what you want to see for the next Guitar Hero Live 1.09 patch.

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  • NgTurbo

    Correction: This is actually the 1.08 update, not 1.07 update as initially posted. Sorry for the mixup.. still though, only bug fixes mentioned.. hope the full patch notes are live soon.