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GTA V Wii U not confirmed at E3

Grand Theft Auto V Wii U has not been confirmed at E3 2014 and while this platform has always been debated with its potential as a new generation machine, some fans think it’s unfair they don’t get to see a fall release date like PS4, Xbox One, and PC owners. The PS3 and Xbox One had the massive open world title since last year, so now it looks like Wii U is the only main platform missing out.

GTA V Wii U backlash – the PC petition received the most supporters and its over 700,000 backers compares to just over 10,000 on Wii U, so it’s clear Rockstar’s decision in-part is due to market demand. With that said, we’ve seen hundreds of tweets moments after the news broke a few hours ago in relation to GTA V getting a new generation release on all platforms, but Wii U.

Take a look at some recent tweets about Wii U and Grand Theft Auto V below, which include some people upset about the lack of a release so far and others clearly understand in their opinion why Rockstar haven’t confirmed a launch on that platform.

Some gamers seemed to be confused about the announcement, like in the tweet below that seems to show one Twitter user thinking GTA V received release confirmation.

Do you think GTA V should release on Wii U, or is it right to exclude this platform? Take a look at the new GTA V trailer and then share a comment with your thoughts on Wii U missing out, at least without confirmation to date.

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Well the wii u is now a third party console it just that the third party developer didn’t realize that because they still think Wii u are for kids


Nintendo don’t want GTA on what they percieve to be family friendly consoles. If you look into the history between R* and Nintendo, Nintendo turned down GTA as an exclusive when GTA started.


they r pre much just being douchebags, rockstar I mean. They probs have deals with sony and microsoft making it so that gta V is exclusive to those platforms it’s good for buisness

Merouane Joe Limani
Merouane Joe Limani

I think that if Watch Dogs can be pulled off on the Wii U, then GTA V can be too, unless Nintendo is blocking it for some reason.

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