GTA V vs. GTA IV graphics, map and driving

Now that a number of you have been playing Grand Theft Auto V for a few weeks, it seems that the debate about how different the game is continues to fuel discussion and forums. Today, we wanted to feature a few videos looking at GTA V vs. GTA IV graphics, map and driving for a visual look at handling and display quality.

Shortly after release we looked at the GTA V PS3 vs. Xbox 360 graphics and how there was hardly any differences, although playing the game compared to GTA IV revealed a lot of improvements that were very noticeable in the strip club.

We have three videos for our readers to watch that include two taking a look at GTA IV vs. GTA V, and then the last video looks at GTA V vs. GTA San Andreas.

The first video offers a side-by-side comparison revealing the differences while flying, handling of vehicles, customization, the strip clubs, various graphical differences and more. This video runs for just over 8 minutes, so you’ll get a good look at these areas of the games.

The next video runs for over 17 minutes and takes a look at even more differences between GTA V and GTA IV. You will see differences when a car crashes into a wall and the damage afterwards, using various weapons, fighting, how long you can run in both games before getting tired, flying helicopters, freefalling, swimming, using your cellphone, and a lot more.

Finally, we also added a video comparing GTA V vs. GTA San Andreas. This 4-minute comparison takes in difference places and buildings between the games.

How do you think the game has improved over the years, and do you see Grand Theft Auto 5 as a major improvement over GTA 4 and San Andreas?

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A Big Nerd That Eats Toblerone
A Big Nerd That Eats Toblerone

Good graphics does not mean good gameplay. That is why people still play old games and find it fun. Example, Oblivion is better than Skyrim in terms of immersion, gameplay and levelling, but everyone looks horrible and the game is graphically outclassed.

Za Goudou
Za Goudou

GTA V has the most realistic, organic game world I have ever seen. The tiniest details are rendered on an unprecedented scale. I can’t wait to see the game in action on a high-end PC.

I’m looking forward to what Rockstar’s developers will be able to do on next-gen hardware, hopefully they will not limit the next game to an urban environment they way they did with GTA IV.

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