GTA V update to stop extreme mods

The next Grand Theft Auto V update will be 1.16 and we hope Rockstar has taken notice of some extreme mods that have been showcased on YouTube. If they have, then these should be fixed when the GTA V 1.16 update releases and we hope that’s next Tuesday on August 19.

Without going into too much detail, the majority of these mods being showcased on YouTube have been taken down thanks to the virtual crimes being too extreme even for Google’s video sharing website. Most of our readers will know about these and how some people hacked the GTA V code to allow them to force other players into disturbing situations.

While the game is catering to a much older audience and as such you can murder and loot, it looks like this isn’t enough and online gamers want to move onto sexual violence. These acts aren’t possible with the unaltered game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be attacked in this way in GTA Online by others that have modded the game.

It shows how Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers are now being able to change games in a way only possible with PC mods in the past. The good news is you can turn off GTA V if this happens to you, but should you really have to leave your game thanks to the mods others create?


GTA V 1.16 update needs to address these extreme mods – we personally felt that this article needed writing to bring attention to these bad mods. The fact that many of the extreme videos have been taken down could be one signal that Rockstar is aware of them, or it could just be YouTube taking action.

This new trend by a sad few needs to stop, so we hope Rockstar either know about it and is fixing code to stop these gamers creating sexual violence mods, or they are banning certain players. One player said, “After the person was finished with me I then danced around naked, I couldn’t stop my character doing any of this without switching off the game”.

Have you been targeted by these modders and if so, would you like to see this hack patched in GTA V 1.16? It would have been 50 days since the last update by next Tuesday, and we’ll be really surprised if no update arrives again. We could only imagine the kind of backlash gamers might give if another week passes without an update, although thanks to the amount of time passing since 1.15 it’s highly likely some big DLC is coming.

You can watch a video below looking at this latest mod controversy with a few people giving their opinion, although we’d love to have yours in the comments. The video also looks at what might be coming within future DLC and it takes into account some of the latest findings.

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