GTA V trailer setback reveals patience

We can pretty much count on the fact that Rockstar had been planning for the new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer to go live on the one-year anniversary of the first video, which we predicted last month. This meant GTA V trailer 2 should have released 2 days ago, and conveniently we saw an official Rockstar comment explaining their plans had been derailed just a few hours before the anniversary of the first trailer, which only adds weight to this prediction.

Since the delay has officially been confirmed it seems the majority of GTA V fans are not only desperate to see trailer 2, but are also very understanding about the circumstances. It’s fair to say a few people will feel that the hurricane has delayed something they really wanted to see, but the majority of gamers understand this is nothing compared to the devastation caused.

We’ve also noticed a lot of patience from those people waiting for the second GTA V trailer, and it is common to find comments along the lines of “we’ve waited a year, so what does a few more days matter“. There has been hope that those behind the next GTA V video would upload the new trailer this weekend, although it will more than likely arrive on Monday when they get back to work.

How often have you been looking for GTA 5 trailer 2 this weekend? Over this weekend you might be looking on the official Rockstar blog for new details, especially when it comes to a new video that has been publicly confirmed to be almost here and delayed thanks to bad weather. It is worth pointing our readers to the official GTA 5 YouTube channel as well, which currently features one video for the first trailer with over 25m views, so it’s worth bookmarking this page on YouTube and you’ll see a second video appear the moment it goes live.

Considering it has been over a year since the first GTA 5 trailer, do you feel patient right now? We’d also love to know what you want to see, and considering the game is up for pre-order we should learn a lot more about the protagonist. This should finally confirm or deny rumors of more than one character to choose from. Feel free to read about Los Santos collectibles in our earlier article.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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