GTA V trailer 2 not made in Scotland

It has only been a couple of days since Rockstar confirmed the Grand Theft Auto 5 release date window, although this hasn’t stopped more clues being left from official Rockstar comments that explain the lack of PC details, and also pre-orders are detailing more images and locations for GTA V. We know there are just a few days until pages of information will land in a magazine exclusive, but it seems that this fact has meant people in the know are being looser lipped when it comes to the finer GTA V details.

It is pretty clear that Rockstar North are the developer behind GTA V, although we’ve heard before that help is being given from Rockstar Games in the US. Thanks to another official comment left on the Rockstar blog, we now know that GTA V trailer 2 is almost upon us and it isn’t Rockstar North creating this next trailer like a lot of gamers previously believed, although they’re behind the games development.

Rockstar North is in Edinburgh, Scotland, and this is many miles away from Hurricane Sandy although one comment on the Rockstar newswire explains that GTA V trailer 2 is delayed slightly thanks to the storm. You can see the comment in the image below that basically explains that GTA 5 trailer 2 will be delayed thanks to Sandy, and this is thanks to no power in their “New York” office. Now we know that the second trailer is coming very soon, has been delayed thanks to the recent hurricane, and is obviously not made in Scotland with Rockstar North.

We touched on retailers leaking images from GTA 5 pre-order bonuses above, although those of our readers that want to see the images in more detail should head over to this page, which details a number of locations and certainly gives away clues.

GTA 5 trailer 2 is almost here, what are your expectations? We’ll post the second trailer when it arrives in the next few days, but for now you might want to see our earlier article that looks at the recent T2 earnings call and some of the clues given during that call. It has been a bumper 7 days for GTA 5 news, so feel free to catch up via our hub here.

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