GTA V to strengthen sky abilities

If you didn’t know that Grand Theft Auto 5 would strengthen what you could do in the sky before the recent questions and answers session, then you certainly know now. After Rockstar made it crystal clear that GTA V would feature planes by explaining, “they are returning“, and also stating again that GTA V would be a bigger map than any previous game, we are now left thinking about the innovations that could arrive with more airspace.

How could GTA V strengthen sky abilities? Some gamers are still very grounded and couldn’t care less for air combat, although a lot of our time in GTA IV had been spent using cheats to unlock not only weapons but also a helicopter. This led to a number of hours flying around the map shooting with the helicopter guns, but so much more could have been done here to create even more fun. This will depend on how much importance Rockstar put on features for the air, but if they include car customization it would be nice to see some sort of customization for flying machines.

Innovation with automobiles — when it comes to auto technology the last year has seen a massive push towards flying cars, and we’ve seen innovation in the real world, which included The Transition and PAL-V flying cars. We know not every gamer will like this in GTA V, but considering Rockstar confirmed planes are returning and that they’ll also include other flying contraptions in the massive airspace, why shouldn’t we have cars that fly as well like in the real world?

This is an idea that has no confirmation from Rockstar but could even be added via cheats, and surly most gamers would at least welcome that after spending hours of doing everything without a cheat code. The best enhancements can come through unlock codes, and a flying car would be welcomed in our books for Xbox 360 and PS3 that lack mods.

One thing is sure and that is GTA 5 will include more innovation in the air than any other Grand Theft Auto game, but how far Rockstar go is yet to be seen. We’d love to hear from our readers after confirmation of planes returning, and particularly your ideas for strengthening sky abilities.

Would you like to go to the sky in Grand Theft Auto V, and if so what ideas do you have for innovation in the air? We have included two videos below that show some real world flying cars, which could be included via an unlock code at the very least in GTA V. Hit the comments with your thoughts on this and what you think Rockstar will really do when we finally get a release date. You can see the two new screenshots in our earlier article.

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