GTA V rumors we want at release

When the Grand Theft Auto 5 release date arrives next year we will see the biggest game from this franchise so far, although some of the major rumors won’t make it into the final game, and we’ve heard a few more since trailer 2 that sound fun, but chances are they won’t make GTA V. You might have seen a number of these rumor yourself, and some you could have missed, so let’s take a look at a few things appearing after the latest video and screenshots that are unlikely and those that we really want.

We’d love to see more natural weather in GTA V and it’s understandable to see some changing weather, but the likelihood of earthquakes is very unlikely, even if they are common to California. We could see something show in the cutscene, but as for gameplay with earthquakes we say unlikely. Then we have snow, which has been discussed in this forum post that reveals a list of cars expected and the chance of a skimobile and snowplow. We know GTA V will be big, so how would you like to see snow and other weather incorporated?

Then we have filling a vehicle with gas in GTA V — this rumor has been around a little while and we’d love the ability to fill a car with gas, which would be pretty amazing to be on the run and jump in a car that lacks a full tank. We’ve seen other games include random occurrences, like in sports where you get random injuries by pulling a muscle, so more reality in the form of random things like the lack of gas in a car sounds perfect. What else would you like to see in GTA V to make it feel more real, and how far should they go?

On the topic of cars has to be customization – we really need to see the ability to do more with the vehicles we drive in GTA 5, and fuel is a good start but adding things to those cars is a must, think pimp my ride. We’d love the chance to add extras to the outside for some visual fun, and also items you can interactive with on the inside of a car. How would you like car customization integrated into GTA 5?

Name the GTA 5 rumors you’ve seen that need to arrive next Spring at launch, and also those you’d be happy to see as DLC later on? On the topic of DLC it seems a few rumors are floating around about downloadable content that adds new areas to the map, would you like to see DLC bring notable map expansions? You might want to read about a GTA 5 price war starting in the UK months before the release date, and also how the gamers feel about co-op is being discussed here.

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