GTA V problems with Xbox 360 consoles crashing

While gamers across the world continue to have an amazing experience with GTA V, it appears that some of you trying to run the game with an older Xbox 360 console are having a few issues. Reports are coming in suggesting that some Xbox 360 consoles are crashing frequently, at random points during missions that don’t appear to have a solid workaround.

At the moment, there is a 16-page thread up at the GTA V forums, which suggests that there is a rather serious problem going on for those running an old Xbox 360 console. Judging by the nature of the comments, it looks like ‘older’ relates to Xbox 360 consoles without an HDMI port.

It also looks like a smaller HDD like 20GB isn’t to blame for freezing problems either, as other users have confirmed in the same thread that the game crashes during missions with larger hard drives. At the moment, Rockstar has not yet issued an official statement on the matter, but we have a feeling they may have to if the problems continue.

What the developer has said on their troubleshooting page though is the following information:

“Delete all Grand Theft Auto V installation data, clear the Xbox 360′s cache and re-attempt the installation. If you are still experiencing the error, please try installing to a different memory device.”

Here is one account of the issue from a Twitter user:

Elsewhere, Xbox support has apparently offered this somewhat questionable advice – take this with a pinch of salt though..

1.Delete all GTA 5 game data.
2.Clear system cache three times.
3.Delete marketplace data from storage system items.
4.Unplug console for three minutes.
5.Install disc 1.
6.Power off, do not insert disc 2.
8.Install disc 2.

This is only making Chop the dog more angry..
This is only making Chop the dog more angry..

If it is confirmed true that older Xbox 360 consoles have a issue with running the game at a stable rate, then Rockstar obviously needs to come up with a definitive fix to make gamers happy. If you have one of the older Xbox 360 consoles, let us know if you have experienced any freezing problems with the game. We will let you know in the meantime if Rockstar speaks on the matter.

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Roland Molnar
Roland Molnar

I NEED HELP PLEASE…..I beet the Trevor mission in which you fly the plane. Turned of my console and when i turned it on today it re started from the bike mission with Franklin in which you steal the bike. I beat the mission again and when i look at my phone to save i see an older save with 15 %. I do not want to overwrite that but instead load it to continue playing where i should be. Any help?


Thought Id share my experience. I have an old xbox360 without HDMI and 20gb hard drive. Tried for like 72 hours, delete cache, install, change discs, use a 16gb USB stick instead of hard drive but still kept happening. Then I reformatted my hard drive, and only put back on bare essentials, profiles etc. Reinstalled and now seems to be working without the error. I was tempted to use a previous save with 20% progress but decided against it, in case its something to do with that. So I started from scratch and so far so good. But I still… Read more »

Dan Abo
Dan Abo

I posted the above fix from Xbox Support in the forum cited where I also state that my Xbox is a 250GB Slim, which you would have noticed if you bothered to read the source instead of repeating the Kotaku article. If you do read the forum you’ll also notice that these issues are happening on both 360 and PS3 and on older and new models. Also, the fix Xbox Support gave me is still working. 24+ hours of game time clocked.


I had an old Xenon Xbox 360 and I hate to to say this but in the last 6 months of its life it started to get v flaky with random crashes etc. My initial thought is it sounds like rather than there being a bug in the code, it could be just that this game is working the consoles to an inch of their life, and is simply pushing them over the edge. If so I suspect RROD is far more likely than a patch to fix the game. Hope i am wrong however.


I have 250gb slim and everything run perfect, until I got a freeze and had to restart 😁


Just bought GTA V installed it on a older xbox, but with a 120gb hard-drive with a lot of free space on it.The game ran great in the very beginning, but once it got to the opening credits in L.S. city the loading of backgrounds and landscapes was horrible, what a disappointment when driving around in my white sports car and having to stop in the middle of the road because none of the roads have loaded up and I can’t tell where I’m going. What a disappointment such a let down for rockstar, hope this can be fixed with… Read more »

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