GTA V Online stunts with jets

While many gamers have got to grips with story mode in the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V title, the online aspect is one now getting plenty of attention, as gamers are taking what they have experienced in the single player game and looked towards the online version. As plenty of different videos are starting to emerge with fans uploading their experiences with YouTube videos, plenty of different aspects are being discovered informing other enthusiasts of things they can do.

In the video we have embedded above this article there’s around six and half minutes worth of footage showing some gamers who have got together to show off some GTA V online stunts that include flying jets through tunnels and other funny fails. Throughout the video we get to hear the enthusiasm of the gamers involved and what initially sounds like a few lads getting together to play GTA 5, although it soon sounds like this game has reduced them into a group of giggling girls.

With some humorous outcomes the online game seems to contain just as much if not more fun that can be had with this game, and after a few minutes the laughing seems to be contagious. After obtaining GTA V this week I am taking it too seriously at the moment to stop and take in the scenery, and after reports about the online issues I am concentrating on the single player story until I have accumulated enough money and upgrades, then I will check out the online game, but for the moment I’m just taking my time enjoying the single player mode.

In relation to the online aspect of GTA V, we recently discussed issues with the online server and that title update 2 is inbound for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. We highlighted how prompt Rockstar were once they heard reports that the online issues needed sorting, and it’s nice to see they are not willing to let the situation fester for days.

We mentioned another title update expected is expected either today or tomorrow, and how some gamers are not experiencing any problems whatsoever, so we are sure there will be some bragging to those having problems. Since then it seems the PS3 version of this update has already gone live, while the Xbox 360 version may come later on today.

Apparently, the current issues reported within the online game have been situations where save files were being erased as well as missing weapons and unresponsive character switching, so we are hoping this upcoming patch will assist those experiencing these problems.

Have you been experiencing problems with GTA V Online? I encountered one in the story mode within the first ten minutes, finding myself trapped behind the counter in the gun shop.

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