GTA V online stock market over money glitch

It is clear that Grand Theft Auto 5 is full of cheats and glitches hurting the gamer experience, although at the same time GTA V online has so much potenical with a stock market and Heists in demand. These options through DLC would offer a way to make in-game money without the need to glitch or cheat your bank balance higher.

We recently touched on different exploits including GTA V online cheats, DNS and a money glitch in one form or another. These hacks are upsetting a growing number of players, and while gamers can report problems it seems that swift action needs to be taken by Rockstar to truly fix the cheating and glitches along with those gaining millions in the bank within seconds.

It is fine using GTA V glitches to gain money faster to purchase those must-have items and we still find this game better than 95 percent of others, although it had been flawed from the start and Rockstar brought the current money glitch issues upon themselves by creating a community that needed other ways to make money fast without cheats.

GTA V online stock market over money glitch – One Product Reviews reader made it clear that they feel the GTA V online stock market and Heists should have been delivered from the games launch. They stated, “Rockstar is commenting on money hacks affecting game economy, but there are ways players could make billions through the in-game stock market and the release of Heists. These options should have been available on the games release, so Rockstar is hurting itself by not implementing the GTA V online stock market and Heists from the start”.

GTA V stock market over money glitch

After our recent article about GTA V Online Jobs begin able to lower Heists demand, the comments reveal that a lot of players still feel GTA V online needs Heists “to fix the infinite bounty glitch and health”, as one commenter put it. That quote is one players point of view, but you don’t need to look far for hundreds more comments demanding Heists and stating that the online stock market needed to be ready from the start.

Rockstar will not ban everyone – the money cheats or even gifting is widespread, so Rockstar will not ban everyone and they already stated that if you received money by gift, then you will not be banned but might see that money disappear once they update GTA V online with a soon to be released fix.

If you were gifted millions in GTA V cash, then will you be happy for that balance to be “properly adjusted” by Rockstar and use an online stock market or Heists to increase your bank balance instead?

Bottom-line: Some people still play GTA V online and others have left it alone until it’s fixed, but you can count on some sweeping change coming to bank balances in the millions if they were gifted or gained through glitches. You won’t get banned if you didn’t use an exploit directly, although in our opinion Rockstar brought this on themselves without certain features from the start.

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