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GTA V Online Casino DLC vs. Car Customization

Two natural upgrades to the GTA V Online mode would be Car Customization and Casino DLC, although the latter has been demanded and hinted at since the games release date last year. It is also fair that both of these improvements should be added to GTA Online to create a much better experience, and a lot more fun along the way.

The High Life update brought a lot of new features to the game and will certainly keep gamers busy in the online mode for a number of weeks, or at least until Heists finally arrives with GTA V patch 1.14 in June. What else could come with the June patch? There’s a good chance we will see Heists giving an opportunity to see the GTA Online Casino open its doors, especially if that DLC includes missions within the Casino. This could kill two birds with one stone, and see the gamer receive both Casino DLC and Heists at the same time.


GTA V Online Casino DLC vs. Car Customization – then with have the continual expansion of car variety in GTA Online and the offline game, but the ability to do much more with these autos is lacking in terms of style customization. Of course you love to show off the cars you own in GTA Online, but what if you could style your car with different parts other than stock upgrades? The aim would be to create a truly unique look and one that you’d be proud to show to the online community, as being completely your own.

One of Product Reviews readers had this to say, “I’m oping for GTA 5 DLC that expands on the car customization already within the online game. I don’t see any unique aspects of other players cars, other than their color like the gold paint job. Rockstar need to add a number of different style body parts to create a massive number of combinations, and this would give a game about cars a lot more customization rather than just new cars to drive”.


Would you like to see the next GTA V DLC release with Casino Heists? Do you think the game needs a lot more car customization?

Personally, while we know the next GTA V DLC will finally bring Heists, it is our hope that this also opens the doors of the Casino. The need for car customization is equally important to us, and would really give us a reason to showcase our car to the multiplayer element of this game and of course even more reason to try and protect our unique asset.

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I would like to see animal likr in the story mode also pets like snakes or dogs to attack your friends also like a los santos customs in the sea or one in air base to customize your planes and your boats


I agree with car customizing, make it like midnight club la with the bottom car neon different steering wheels etc anything u basically can’t do in gta now but more advanced of course given the time frame difference between the two games


I’d like to see some actual DLC, instead of little title updates every two months, Jesus. Put something fun out for Single Player ONCE. An Alien or a Zombie thing, I mean Saints Row 3 did it effortlessly, and even though it was shoddy, it was fun. But NOOOO, they have to put out online garbage that gets hacked all day long and spend months chasing their tails trying to fix it.

Jonathan Glass
Jonathan Glass

I would like to see The Casino DLC


I would love to add a range of decals and body kits to my cars in GTA Online, I’d love to style my cars in a much more extreme way. Bring it Rockstar, the game is made for that kind of customization.

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