GTA V Online as a woman

Grand Theft Auto V looks like the main contender for game of the year and it seems like more gamers in general have been relishing this title for some time. For the first time in the series history the online aspect will offer the opportunity to play as a woman and we are intrigued to know what is thought about this.

In the video embedded above we get to see a female protagonist in action which could be a welcome sign for all those female GTA fans out there. Regardless of the rating, people of all ages will want to play GTA V and my partner told me she was intending to buy this now certain retailers are promoting different more enticing offers.

With that in mind, the fact that there is a female character in the online experience is not something my partner is aware of, and although the three protagonists in the standard game are all male this has not been something that has been brought up.

While some people feel that sexism remains prevalent because of videos like these. We can’t help but think GTA V is a naughty game that is bound to have plenty of controversial aspects, which many gamers find part of the fun. In true sexist fashion I am looking around before I go on to discuss whether there will be other aspects within the game that give us more of an impression that a woman is in control.

If you are playing as a woman will it be harder to reverse in and out of parking spaces? All joking aside, games nowadays need to be catering for all gamers within their rating, and if a female adult enjoys games like this then why not introduce a woman as a character, because to be blunt I don’t really care who the protagonist is when I am playing GTA V.

The issue here could be how the woman is perceived and treated by male characters and that some of the dialogue can be offensive and sexist, but in true GTA style this is something we come to expect from the series. Throughout the video I couldn’t help but think this woman does not have a lot to say, making this less like the women I am used to.

Oops, I may have crossed the line again, but on a serious note we realize that no matter what the rating is there are bound to be some young impressionable gamers out there experiencing GTA V, and this is down to the parents and whether they let them, giving us reason to believe that this game would not be as attractive if it wasn’t so controversial.

As we are still waiting for a female team in FIFA and a female Bond, we are aware some games and films are noticeable because of the lead characters, and regardless of how controversial and sexist GTA V can be, we are pleased to see a female character being played in a Grand Theft Auto game, but what do you think?

At the moment we are more interested in Rockstar ironing out the bugs involved with the online game, so let us know your thoughts on the video above, and whether it shows that sexism remains prevalent due to videos like this.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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