GTA V lacks RPG-style player customization

The most interesting Grand Theft Auto 5 reveal this week had been the fact that you’ll be able to choose between three protagonists, although gamers want to know a little more on how this will work and what it means for the GTA V gameplay. There are a number of scenarios where the ability to change protagonist would come in handy, and makes life on a much bigger map that much less boring.

Switching between protagonists in GTA V to speed up the action – imagine being miles from anywhere in the middle of the desert, and you wanted to see some action quick in GTA V that might be in Los Santos. One quick way to do this would be to change protagonist, so having each of these characters in different areas would make sense and enable the next Grand Theft Auto game to be a lot more interesting. To get an idea on how big the GTA V maps will be you need to see our earlier article, which looks at the scale of these maps and explains they’re bigger than the combination of San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption, and the previous game.

GTA 5 lacks RPG-style player customization – you will notice some traditional player customization missing from GTA 5, which you’d normally find in RPG-style games that allow you to change the characters weight and other appearances. This couldn’t be possible in GTA 5 thanks to the unique skills Franklin, Trevor, and Michael have but also thanks to the increase in graphics that make this a bigger technical challenge for Rockstar.

This hadn’t been a big problem with the lesser graphics seen in San Andreas, but Houser explained to Game Informer that doing this level of character customization to three characters in GTA 5 would be “impossible“. Any attempt wouldn’t give “the results” they wanted and would certainly create “compromises elsewhere” in their animation system. The good news is that you can still change clothes with all three characters, but making them lose weight will not be possible in GTA 5.

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What do you want to know about GTA 5? There is only four days left until trailer 2 is revealed, so we’ll certainly get to see a lot more visually by that time.

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