GTA V glitches are part of the fun

Some GTA V glitches cause problems in online and offline play, although others create a lot of fun when gaming alone or with friends and family. The most popular GTA V online infinite money glitch got patched in the latest update, but there are still a lot of glitches around that are a lot of fun without hurting too many people.

One example can be seen in a video below this article and is titled “Tow Truck Chain Glitch”, which some gamers claim is the funniest thing they have seen in online play. With almost 2,000 likes and very little dislikes, YouTube viewers seem to agree with that claim.

Take a look at the truck gameplay in GTA V online within the video below, and then let us know what you think about it. Have you tried something similar and do you think things like this should be patched as well, or is it part of the fun?

We have seen a number of people stating, “These are the glitches that Rockstar should NEVER patch”. We would have to agree with them, although it is fair to say some things could be classed as cheats and ruin the game. We will let our readers debate the different types of cheats and glitches in the comments.

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