GTA V gameplay mechanics overhauled

We’ve heard about a number of promises for the Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay, and one of these is a complete overhaul of the mechanics, which have reportedly been redesigned from the ground up. The graphics in GTA V will be much better and that has been shown when Rockstar confirmed it wouldn’t be possible to customize character weight, which is due to a number of factors including the level of graphic detail on three characters. For some of our readers GTA V gameplay would always be favored above graphics, although it is fair to say this isn’t the opinion of every gamer.

If you’ve been gaming as long as us and remember the fun had on a Commodore 64, then you’d understand how gameplay had been the main factor back then and is still favored by most gamers over graphics in 2012. The issue when it comes to GTA V on the PS3 and Xbox 360 is expectation of hardware, and considering we’ve seen the progression of graphics for many years since the C64, we expect good graphics and excellent gameplay in GTA V.

Rockstar understand the importance of GTA V gameplay — you could have the best graphics to date for any Grand Theft Auto game, but if the gameplay is not there then it will receive negative reviews. We’ve played enough games over the years with bad graphics, but once we started playing the gameplay had been so good that you totally forget about the level of graphic detail. It has been years since IV released and we are still playing it, which is enjoyed even more by cheats that allow you to take a helicopter to the top of a building and then dive off with a parachute. Rockstar has a reputation for delivering what the gamers want and in their recent Game Informer exclusive they explained how the GTA V gameplay mechanics will be built “from the ground up“, although we hope to see some interesting cheats as well for extra fun.

The promise of amazing GTA 5 gameplay – it is fair to say that we expect GTA 5 to be the biggest selling game of 2013, and the gameplay will keep us entertained for years to come, but just how are Rockstar improving the gameplay mechanics? We won’t know every detail until next year, but what we know now is that cars will feel more like a racing game and hold well on the road. The shooting mechanics won’t be at the level of Black Ops 2/Battlefield 3, but it has certainly evolved and is reported to be “a long way” from where it had been before with much better mechanics. You will find shooting in GTA 5 a lot more “fun and strong“, which should also include better Melee when up close and personal.

Not every gamer will purchase GTA 5 to go out shooting people, but with that said we can remember putting in a few hundred hours just getting on top of roofs in IV and shooting police and pedestrians with sniper rifles. It felt like a shooting game when doing this and hiding out at a nightclub, so with better gameplay mechanics in GTA 5 we can’t wait to see how it feels. The same can be said for racing and while GTA 5 isn’t a racing game, you’re able to steal a car or motorcycle and start racing around, which with better handling on the ground will make everything feel that much smoother.

GTA 5 will feel dynamic — Rockstar has put a lot of thought into how the game will feel when you’re just exploring the bigger GTA 5 map, so you’ll also find some interesting “casual encounters” that reveal more than a one-liner from pedestrians. While this will be a long way from full conversations with adaptive AI, look towards PS4 and Xbox 720 for this, you can interact with pedestrians in GTA 5 and find they have a lot more to offer you.

Mini missions are everywhere in GTA 5 – Skyrim players know there are thousands of quests within the game, so this meant gamers had a more curious nature when playing. If you played Red Dead Redemption you might remember the dynamic mission system in that game, which is now coming to GTA 5 and will lead to lots of mini missions. Remember when you’re exploring the map to have a curious nature, so pull over and get out of the car to investigate things that take your interest. This won’t be for everyone, but after playing RDR and Skyrim for hundreds of hours each, we can’t wait to see how this expands Grand Theft Auto 5.

Would you rather have much better gameplay mechanics in GTA 5, or is graphics more important to you? You can be sure that the next-generation of gaming is coming within the next couple of years, so graphics hungry gamers will likely get the best of both worlds when the Xbox 720 and PS4 arrive. For now you can certainly expect gameplay to hit another level in GTA 5, although we’d love to know how you envision the game to be? You can read about the possibility of a GTA 5 trailer 2 countdown here, which some people hope leads us to an exact release time for the next trailer.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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