GTA V Game Informer cover reveal time by city

We’ve been following the Grand Theft Auto 5 news for months now and everything went into a frenzy over the last couple of weeks, which is thanks to leaks and official reveals that kept gamers interested once again. Seasoned gamers knew to be patient for the finer GTA V details, and that they would arrive officially in due course, although today seems to be the day that we get our biggest reveal to date. This is thanks to the GTA V Game Informer cover being revealed, so we thought the release time by city would be helpful for our readers.

This information comes thanks to the magazines editor-in-chief, and of course a little tweet he made on Twitter within the last 24 hours. This tweet can be seen in the image below, which basically explains that the GTA V reveal will include a lot more information and of course screenshots as well, and they’re in the know after an exclusive demo not too long ago. It seems the GTA V cover will be one of their biggest reveals ever, and this is suggested as well in the tweet.

The GTA 5 cover art will be shown in just over 2 hours for the Game Informer exclusive, which will be followed up with the release of more than 20 pages of digital content about GTA 5, and a bit less in the printed version. This will go live today as well, but later in the afternoon (US Time), and of course even later for our UK readers. If you live in the UK will you be staying up for the digital release of GI’s GTA 5 exclusive? See the list of cities below, which show the worldwide times for the cover art reveal.

It is worth noting that you can receive the digital version of Game Informer on your Android or iPad device, which costs under $5 per issue or a little more for more issues. If you prefer to purchase the magazine in print then you’ll have to wait until Nov 16, although we bet the dedicated GTA 5 fans will be looking for their news fix today. Feel free to keep connected to PR via our social channels, especially if you like to grab the details via Facebook, etc. We recommend subscribing to Game Informer for the full reveal, rather than bits of information across the web.

How do you feel knowing we are just hours away from the biggest GTA 5 reveal yet? You might want to see our earlier article about a new visual leaking, personally I think we’ve seen loads of characters in previous images that were never playable, so you shouldn’t expect all artwork to include a playable character. You might have also been warned directly about leaking videos and photos onto the official GTA 5 channel, which Rockstar obviously don’t want in their comments ahead of this magazine exclusive. Are you more excited about the magazine exclusive today, or GTA 5 trailer 2 next week?

Update: Details here on the GI single issue that’s available on select tablets right now.

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