GTA V entices Game Informer single issue demand

We knew the Grand Theft Auto 5 artwork would arrive today for Game Informer’s magazine cover, and this is exactly what happened and it can be seen on this page, but it now seems that a few things are becoming clear about where you can get a digital copy of the GTA V exclusive. The editor-in-chief and managing editor have been bombarded on Twitter, which include messages focused on the Game Informer single issue that is available in their app, but only on selective devices.

It is obvious that a lot of gamers have never purchased a digital copy of Game Informer, and thanks to the GTA 5 exclusive they want to buy a single magazine issue, although they are running into problems. It is worth noting that the GTA V cover story is 18 pages as most gamers know, but a few PR readers don’t know that the digital copy spans exactly 23 pages and is currently live for download on iPad and Android devices. The image below features the cover artwork for the GTA V cover that is releasing in a few days time in print, and as we mentioned above is already live for digital download.

GTA 5 entices Game Informer single issue demand and hits teething problems — it is clear that there’s a massive demand for the single digital issue of December’s Game Informer today, which is thanks to the cover story, but it has met a few problems with people trying to download and not being able to. Within the hour Game Informer’s chief editor tweeted “We are checking into the single issue problem on iOS, let you know ASAP“, and later explained “I believe it’s a propagation problem, it’s showing up single issues slowly but surely“.

It seems that everything is working fine but of course with such a demand for the GTA 5 exclusive story, there will be teething problems and these can be thanks to people not knowing how to download a single issue, and of course due to propagation as mentioned above. Another tweet said, “sorry for all the hiccups, first time we have done a mass release. We are working to address all of your concerns.”

GTA 5 fans this is important if you want a single digital issue of Game Informer – If you’re wondering how you can purchase a single digital issue without purchasing a subscription, then you need to do this through an iPad or Android device with the official app. The Managing Editor at Game Informer explained, “The only places you can get single issues is on iPad or an Android tablet“. This has disappointed Kindle Fire and iPhone users, although this might change in the future but for right now you’re out of luck. Keep up with all our GTA 5 news here, or via our Facebook page.

It is also worth noting that GTA 5 will include three playable characters, although none will be named Albert De Silva, which had been confirmed in a tweet from GI’s Managing Editor.

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