GTA V eight month PC wait would be worth it

While Rockstar seem to be untouchable at the moment in relation to their upcoming GTA V game which can do no wrong at the moment, there is considerable tension brewing on the lack of information regarding a PC release of the game and the fact that Rockstar hasn’t revealed which is going to be the ‘lead platform’ for the title – a topic which PC users believe they are entitled to.

Was GTA IV on PC the lead platform of the game though? We would say that the Xbox 360 version was treated as a priority thanks to Microsoft’s DLC agreement, but everyone can agree that the PC version was the best looking – even without mods. With mods enabled however, it was the best looking game around when it came out on PC and even still looks great now today compared to other titles.

Rockstar surely don’t want to alienate their PC base by continuing to stay silent, but at the same time Rockstar knows a business opportunity when they see one and it’s clear that all of the money is in console versions at the moment. As a result, the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions have been announced and the possibility of a Wii U release and PC is up for consideration.

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Recently, some interesting information has been posted over at GTA Forums, to which an insider claims that there will be no lead version for GTA V – with both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions being developed at exactly the same time. With no PC release in sight at the moment, it suggests that PC owners may have to wait a considerable time for their version to come out – remember that GTA IV on PC released eight months later after first coming out for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Can PC users really hold on for a staggering eight months though if Rockstar decides to follow the same release pattern as GTA IV? Eight months is a long time to wait, especially with GTA V being arguably the most anticipated game in history. The very fact that Rockstar are unwilling to talk about a PC version tells us that PC users are going to be in for another long wait.

If you are an avid PC user who buys PC gamers first ahead of any console game, what do you say to the argument that the console versions of GTA V are holding back the PC version? Do you agree with this mentality and that it’s just a case of money, that Rockstar isn’t delivering?

You can’t blame Rockstar to be honest as they really are sitting on a gold mine. GTA IV released first on consoles and then eight months later on PC – it’s a sad reality, but PC owners may have to swallow some pride and just wait until their moment arrives. When it finally does – it is obviously going to be well worth the wait, with breathtaking graphics maxed out at 1080p that no console game can come close to matching.

Written by Alan Ng

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