GTA V double RP weekend before Dec 23 update?

Next week, we could see the most demanded Grand Theft Auto V update finally release within Heists on December 23, 2014. We all know it’s going to be included in the next major content, so the best way to launch this and keep fans playing is with a GTA V double RP weekend before the Dec 23 update.

This is not only something that we are seeing asked for on gaming forums, but it also seems like a natural thing to happen before such a big update within GTA V 1.19/1.20, and 1.05 on PS4 / XB1. If you haven’t read about the confusion with version numbers on different platforms, then you can do so in this article that includes confirmation from our readers.


Not only could we finally get some content promised many months ago, but it would come right before Christmas 2014. This fact alone means it could be something truly special, especially if we are to expect Christmas tree content and snow featured as well. Rockstar Games has promised Heists for the “next major update”, so we cannot have Christmas content without Heists releasing.

Personally, we think there’s no better way to celebrate and build players up to a release than giving them double RP the weekend before. It’s now down to the details, and of course if anything with a Christmas theme should be included in GTA V crate drops during the double RP weekend. As always, leave any ideas in the comments.

Would you like to see Rockstar offer GTA V double RP this weekend from Dec 19-22? Getting gamers online over 4 days is a great idea and could set the ideal environment for such a big GTA Online update on December 23rd, although we’d like to hear what our readers want to see with any such event taking place this weekend.

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