GTA V co-op realization brings mixed feelings

The lead up to Grand Theft Auto 5 revealed a lot of hints that later received confirmation from Rockstar after new screens arrived, and the latest magazine exclusive also detailed loads of information, which is likely to keep gamers going for a little while longer. Once we heard that there would be three playable characters in GTA V, co-op came to mind right away and we could imagine some great gaming sessions with friends and family helping with great teamwork, although our dreams were killed when this feature had been ruled out.

You will get to enjoy open world multiplayer in GTA V, but not a targeted co-op mode that some PS3 and Xbox 360 fans really wanted. IGN held an interview with Dan Houser almost a week ago now, which we’re sure most of our readers have read, and in this interview Houser explained very quickly why there would be no GTA V co-op. In a nutshell, if gamers want a high level of “precision” in GTA V then they’d have to miss out on co-op gameplay, which this decision has already been made by the developers.

Mixed feelings for having no GTA 5 co-op – we’ve heard from a number of PR readers in relation to this news, and while some people take it on the chin and have accepted there’ll be no co-op, others are pretty upset. We’ve seen some gamers state GTA 5 “needed co-op” and they feel “extremely disappointed“. It didn’t help them by hearing Houser say they could’ve created “a great co-op game“.

Other people claim that GTA 5 is “screaming for” co-op and three main characters had been a perfect opportunity for Rockstar to do something truly innovative. Other gamers feel a number of game companies are “underestimating co-op” options for big games, although in our opinion GTA 5 will take things to a new level for a game that has a great track record already, but we’d agree co-op would have been amazing.

Do you think GTA 5 should’ve had a co-op mode? It’s worth pointing out that the next Grand Theft Auto game will feature a “compelling” multiplayer mode that will be set in a massive open world, which Rockstar promise will be a truly memorable experience.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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