GTA V Benefactor Feltzer location plus customization

Following a number of requests for the GTA V Benefactor Feltzer location and customization by Product Reviews readers, we now have a few videos that take a closer look at this car based on the Mercedes Benz SL.

The Benefactor Feltzer in GTA V Online will set you back $145,000, although we have been informed by a number of gamers that the car can be found in traffic at Rockford Kills and you will find it at Galileo Observatory parking lot — Vinewood Hills.

We have embedded four videos below this article that take a look at the Benefactor Feltzer in Grand Theft Auto V. If you can afford the price, then take a look at the first video to see over 4 minutes of gameplay with a custom GTA V Benefactor Feltzer although you will only see under a minute of driving.

The second video reveals how to buy the Benefactor Feltzer in GTA V Online and features a lot of driving gameplay, so you will see how the car handles in its standard form without any customization.

Finally, the last two videos feature a lot more gameplay and also a glitch with the GTA V Benefactor Feltzer in the last video. Leave a comment if you have purchased this car, or if you managed to find the Benefactor Feltzer for free then share the GTA V location below in the comments.

You might also want to take a look at the GTA V Sultan RS and details on its location in an earlier article. If you know about any other interesting cars in the game, then we would love to hear about them.

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