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GreenPois0n jailbreak 4.1: iPhone hacker says no fixed release for now

Earlier today Apple TV owners may have been happy to get the news that there was an iOS 4.1 jailbreak for the new IPTV device, which was shown in a video and pictures. With two days passing since we heard the “Pod2g” hacker say that GreenPois0n Jailbreak 4.1 should be “days” away, iPhone owners have been checking for updates everyday.

Two days later and its still not here, and it looks like we will not see the GreenPois0n iOS 4.1 jailbreak today or on Sunday, which is thanks to a little tweet by p0sixninja, Chronic Dev Team hacker. You can read his Twitter account here.

Within the last hour the tweets included saying Sunday is “Patience Please!” day, and tweeting the message “It’s /not/ coming out tomorrow”. The last tweet said that while you will not see the latest GreenPois0n jailbreak Sunday, it doesn’t mean you will see it today either.

So it looks like the jailbreak will come in days and not weeks, but you can chill for the rest of the weekend, it’s pretty much confirmed you will not see the GreenPois0n download this weekend.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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  • Guest

    omfg buncha slackers…..

    • FoxV

      just stfu and do better if u could … its free and you complain what a lame brain u have

  • Stefan

    I'm betting for a release on 10/10/10 at 10:10. Wouldn't that be a sign?

  • Lloydie

    Just wait, its gonna come out soon. Patience and be thankful. These guys are saving the world.

  • CT9A

    Firstly, the end consumer hav access to the jb tools for free but the devs don’t work for free! U think mr utilities takes fan base gratitude as payment on the electricity bills?

    Secondly, much admiration for the feats achieved busting open i’s but you’d think with this much pressure and demand for a jb eta that one would quote on the safer side of completion so jailbreakers weren’t so on edge. If I could do it myself I would, but I can’t, no shame, but then there are those who state they have and even confirming wen they will make it available… But hav not! Don’t play god, nothing like spiteful consumers as supporters.

    My guess is that, they are waiting for apple to officially announce ios 4.2 release then drop it, or just consolidating on what a massive advertising opportunity that surrounds them or, I hope?? They are workinging on fine tuning the ultimate jailbreak! Don’t tweet just release.

  • khassanove

    for all these ppl who are ungreatful for all the dev team efforts, no comments, because if i have to comment i’ll have to write a poet with a title of “GO TO HELL”. you ungreatful assholes, dev team WILL jailbreak the 4.1 and you all keep trying kissing your own ass, and btw, for all who don’t know, they are trying to use the SHAtter exploit so it will be a life time jailbreak, any of you brainless ppl have a thought about that?

  • Ronson

    Carman im a developer. If i start a project on Gitgub and call it GreenPois0n would that also confirm that its in development? Or just confirm i created a new github repository?

    Its just that, according to your view, if i create a github repository called "Windows 10" does that mean windows 10 is in active development?


    For all those stupid who say there will be no greenpois0n at all, it's a vaporware and so on: read this and try to search around the web before you spit on the dish where you eat
    Can you understand what it means? No, ah? It proofs there is a project and somebody is working at it

  • Roman

    pleas jailbreak 4.1 today 🙂

  • aosman

    thank you dev team. i like the fact that you guys are working your butts off making a jailbreak for us for free. if is a few more days i can wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurence

    no it is total bullshit to get you to fill in online surveys, i did it and it just takes you round in a loop, dont waste your time

  • Dereck

    Whoa, everyone needs to calm down. They’re working on it, they don’t have it yet and there is no amount of nerd rage that can change that. For all those people saying ” they suck ” ” I don’t think it’s ever going to come” please, tell me where I can find your jailbreak for 4.1

  • jeremy…! is this jailbreak for real? i dont know if its the real deal but seems like alot of people on youtube claims it to be real..

    • adam

      its fake!!!!!!!!

      • aosman

        it probably is not

    • aosman

      it is real

  • Pat

    For a bunch of people who can’t design a jailbreak themselves, there is sure a bunch of hatred here. When it comes out, it comes out. And it’s not a version dependent hack so complaining about 4.2 is pointless. I’ll be happy when it’s released and I’ll be confident that it is an elegant release.

  • Anonymous

    It’s people with the patience of a peanut like you Smoke that forced GeoHot to step down. Chronic Dev Team are giving it their all to make this happen so you should show some respect to them. I doubt you could ever attempt what they do or even comprehend it so quit moaning and wait patiently.

  • ronson

    I agree.

    This is vaporware.

    "itll be here soon, here soon".

    Yeah… well maybe just shut the fuck up about it chronic dev team until you have some kind of idea. If you dont got the skills then step aside.

    • khassanove

      if you are such a smart ass, why don't you find someone to jailbreak it, or you provide them with the idea. or maybe you cannot afford to pay a 0.99c app after you bankrupt for buying your iphone

  • Butchiepool

    Well, CDT, I'm in the caribbean and is handycap. I've been waiting very long and this seems like ages. When? HELP!!!!HELP!!!HELP!!! If I had known Iwould gone for the Android.

  • JCity

    See here’s the thing. People are bit..g an moaning about this jailbreak. I get it I’m frustrated with my lame idevice too. My jb 3GS broke so I Got the iPhone 4 and it came on 4.0.2. I feel frustrated cuz I don’t have my PURCHASED jb apps. Or themes, but I have to wait. If you are pist and impatient well you have 3 options 1. learn how and create your own jb. 2. Forget about ur Idevice and move on to sone other crap or 3. Shut the he’ll up and be patient like the rest of us. I’m tired of hearing bad talk about people who are doing us a favor, you people trash talking the cdt are probably the ones who don’t even donate after any release of a jb. Unbelievable!

  • Micksflick

    some body promised this for this weekend but to no avail getting a bit pissed off with this like paid for ibluetoothnover and this doesn't work on ios4.0.1 iphone 4

  • Wongy

    Lol @ you leechers.
    As Nemo said, you guys are welcome to have a crack.
    Just wait patiently like everyone else.

  • Leo11

    These guys are clearly not going to release this, because they are not doing anything. In the real world u know when ur going to release something if it is days away. They are not close to anything. The thing that really sucks is that no one else is working on this because everyone is waiting for greenpoison. It’s just hype and they just want there 5 min of fame!!!! Stop with the damn updates and release it or say nothing about it!!!

  • Dayzwasted

    Lol. Lotta people whining about something they don’t even pay for. Lame bitches. If you are tired of waiting then make a jailbreak yourself. If you can’t be bothered with it then stfu.

  • teslafan

    I don't think we're ever going to see a jailbreak, there's been crap going on about it since the iOS 4.1 was released. My guess is they are just trying to get some attention, they've been telling us it's fully working and 'just about done!" for the past 2-3 weeks. I giveup on CDT

  • Worf

    I'm waiting until this jailbreak comes out to get a new iDevice 🙂

  • H4ck3r

    Ok guys u all have some promblem u need to just let it come when it comes

    Becouse u all sat there and nagged on

    Geohots and he left and what about the dev team u don’t give any money to them so just be patient and stop hounding them it will come when it comes

  • Meat

    Are you guys serious…are you really getting pissed off at the Dev Team because they are having problems with the Jailbreak? If you are getting so pissed and so mad at them…then maybe you need to get off your ass and and write the jailbreak your self…oh wait you can't…you are not smart enough to find a exploit and write your own Jailbreak…so the only thing you can do is wait for the jailbreak to come out because you were stupid and updated your device before the jailbreak was out. You all need to think about what the Dev Team does for all of us and does not request anything in return…I think they need to hear THANK YOU a lot more than they have. So for all the punks that are not smart enough to develop a jailbreak and still get pissed and mouth off to the Dev Team…shut your computer…shut your mouth and be thankful for the work they do for all of us!!! You need to stop and think…the reason the jailbreak is not out is because the Dev Team does not want to put something half ass out…there are reasons but you are probably not smart enough to think about that either.

  • Jesus Nunez

    Ignore these inpatient bastards it’s free so don’t complain. It’s not like any of these could make a jailbreak for the older IOS

  • Kirsty

    I heard its coming out next march

  • Alan

    its always the Sunday after the week site changes. I KNOW IT COMES tomorrow!! just wait till tomorrow. Im guaranteeing tomorrow.

    • Alex

      Guaranteeing, huh? Who the f**k are u to guarantee anything?

    • Dave

      Haha, bloody idiot. Look how stupid you made yourself look xxx

  • Smoke

    Damn da Dev Team Fn sucks. They takin too damn long. supposedly jailbreaking 4.1 nearly a month ago. Too bad geohots lame self quit cuz he got his period.

  • rob

    I have been waiting as long as anyone here, the thing that pisses everyone off is all the tweets, they don't make much sense, these update people are putting them together so it makes some kind of sense, to try to give an eta that never happens,days, weeks, it works, wow not for us it don't. so stop trying to piece the information together, let us know when it's coming out or not thats it. while their saying their working on just greenpoison, their messing with the apple tv too, thats not what everyone wants right now, i understand they do it for free and i am very very grateful, don't be mad at dev team be mad at posts like this and those who write them.

  • Guest

    Stop your complaining! You lot think you can do any better, please do? Bunch of ingrates…

  • Jerry

    all the commenters above needs to chill out. You guys are just a bunch of whiny spoiled iFans. So what if it's not released this weekend? omg..I have to wait a few more days!!! Be thankful that they are even doing this for free. Stop taking everything for granted. So quit your bitching and be patient.

  • Roy

    Greenpois0n is like Limera1n!!!! Come on people!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its just to get you excited over NOTHING.

    Dont waste your time anymore keeping up to date. Its not going to happen.

    • Guest

      your mom's not gonna happen

  • steve

    Cool. Whenever

    • xxxsdwd


  • Waka Flocka

    Chronic Dev Team sucks. This is taking wayyyyyy to long. I understand its a free service, but you can't say your going to do something big like jailbreak ios 4.1 then take 2 years to do it. The dev team has lost a fan, and they better hurry this up if they want my support back. No jailbreak has ever taken this long. greenpois0n is a fail as of now. If they wait too long to release it, 4.2 is gonna be out, and we're all gonna be in the same boat. I say, step down CDT, and let someone who knows what they're doing step in.

    • Nemo

      @ Waka Flocka – Perhaps you should have a go? How ungrateful can one slack freeloader be? Have some respect for people who work hard to make your life easier. What a jerk!

      • SOHELL

        Yeah if we don’t have the brains to do it then it is better if we keep our mouth shut and let others do the job. Go team go !!!!

    • gfslight

      lol your a jerk. dude, you have NO idea how hard it is to find ways to jailbreak things. it is VERY difficult. why dont you jailbreak it yourself ya bum!
      i for one, will wait for a long time if it gets me a ajilbreak.
      thank you jailbreakers, cuz your awesome~ so take your timeeee~~~

    • Han

      U're just being a motherfucking prick. CDT would definitely not want a motherfucking douchebag like u to be their fan. And in what way r u supporting CDT? Fuck your support. If you think u know better, why don't u step the fuck in then? And when CDT comes out with the jailbreak, u better not fucking use it (since they have already "lost a fan") or u'll be just another motherfucking hypocrite. One thing for sure though, u DEFINITELY have SHIT for BRAINS

    • Alex

      Wow, they will be so bummed to learn they no longer have your support… Douche!!


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