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GreenPois0n 4.1 Jailbreak: iPhone 4 Only – Are you Disappointed?

If you have been keeping up to date with all the latest news surrounding the release of the GreenPois0n jailbreak tool, you are probably disappointed to hear that it is only going to be available for a select number of devices.

The tweet below by the Chronic Dev-Team confirms that GreenPois0n will only be available on newer iOS 4.1 devices:

”greenpois0n supports: The iPad, the iPhone 4, and the iPod touch 4. Probably the AppleTV as well.”

So it means that those of you who have been patiently waiting for GreenPois0n to jailbreak your iPhone 3G / 3GS and iPod Touch 3G are going to be very disappointed this Sunday.

Chronic Dev-Team hasn’t given a reason why it won’t support older devices, but you can bet that work is already underway to come up with a solution to this.

For now though, it is only iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 owners who should be excited about GreenPois0n. It releases this Sunday, let us know your thoughts on this.

Are you disappointed?

Written by Alan Ng

Alan has been working for Product-Reviews since 2009 and became the Editor-in-chief in 2014. He has a passion for technology, the latest mobile phones and gadgets, and the gaming industry. Alan is a graduate of Canterbury Christ Church University and completed a B.A in Commercial Music in 2008. While expressing a keen interest in all areas that PR cover, you'll usually find Alan in the gaming section, where he'll be keeping enthusiasts up to date on all the latest news and reviews for consoles and PC.

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  • HOPE

    I used this greenpois0n on my 3GS 4.1 iphone. Now, my phone reboot constantly showing the apple and then black screen, then apple again…
    I have looked on many many websites to try to find out how I could reinstall the 4.1but absolutly impossible to make a restore via iTunes. I have some errors like 1601…
    ANYONE has an idea ? Have I destroyed my phone ? PLEASE I NEED HELP!!!

    • joe

      had the same problem on ipod touch i restored it on separate computer than i had. (took 4hrs to do and have it working completely) no idea what went wrong

  • Mellz

    You guys stop complain an have a conference with apple lol just wait if it’s not worth it then complain lol

  • Tom

    Greenpoison is APPLE ! ! ! believe it or not….

    for what I see apple make up a jailbreak team just to make people

    Buy their products. Think about it on the very first ” jailbreak all

    Devices for life” … Second ” only work for IPhone4, itouch4, iPad and

    Apple TV” ..and.. third ” will not release because of other team already

    release their jailbreak for 4.1 ” …… What kinna B-S-hit is this ! ! !

    Do not waste your time for this F-Ken FAKE jailbreak from apple..

    There ain’t NO Greenpoison or Shatter out there……

    GReenpoison/SHatter = APPLE ! ! ! Beware ! ! !

    • joe


  • Justeh;

    So glad I have the iPhone 4

  • Tom

    I'm also pissed off,but glad limera1n released.Just get that one if you have a 3G,i don't know why it should be worse than greenpois0n.

  • Tim

    This is pathetic…

  • Bollocks

    This is total and utter horse shit, been sat round waiting and waiting.

    Something should have been said sooner. Instead we have been sat round waiting like tits

  • kabaz

    ttheres limera1n that will work on any device coming out monday the 11th of the 10 2010 so relax people stop winging and leave devs alone they put some hard work in all for nothing and to get abused by people like urselves i didnt hear anyone moaning before the 4th gen og iphone come out so relax ur batty creases

  • Reporter

    Surely they will bring another solution.

  • ggg

    those lamers who are complaining..
    it's something free, you get the's a bonus. If you dont, just shudup and use your iphone. if u'r not happy apple product, change to another phone.
    free-riders..want to have it free, and complain when you dun get it.

  • Steve


    Geohot will release the Limera1n on 101010111010

  • Ne1cu

    GeoHot may save us all. 10-11-10. We’ll still have to wait on 05.14.02. Could be worse. At least we can see.

  • Steve

    I want to trade my iPhone 4 for a 3G or 3GS. OS4.1 baseband 1.59. Anyone? 101010101010. This equals to 10/10/10. Not 10/10/2010.

  • Dave

    laughing so hard at people who didn't upgrade to iphone 4s right now.. cheap bastards get what they deserve 🙂

  • ree

    stop bitchin and go buy an iphone4

  • Idiots

    I guess all the idiots out there with a 3GS shouldnt have upgraded past 4.0.1. It’s really not that hard to just not update. Quit yer bitchin.


    WTF, I have been waiting for months, and finally hear that it doesn't support iphone 3g. So what do iphone 3g users do who are stuck on baseband 5.14.02 , waiting for unlock. We, 3g users, should have known it would never come out.

  • Jens nielsen

    Maybe it took so long because apple was in negotiations with them on a settlement so they’d blow it intentionally to make apple look good and line their own pockets with shiny baubles you guys blew it so bad

  • Jens nielsen

    Ur f’n kiddin me right so choked why did you not inform us of this I could i can see apple completely wasting my time but you guys too you must be aware that there are way more 3GS out there than 4g devices right all that work you’ve done is gonna be for nothing the followers you’ve had watching you lately was pure power in this day and age you couldn’t been god’s .your following has defiantly decreased by one and I’m sure you’ll probably notice some 4-7 hundred thousand more will be just as disappointed and stop following as well so much for believing on something that was too good t be true lesson learned you suck

  • yasser

    YES! I am very dissapointed about this greenpois0n. I have been waiting all this time to jailbreak and unlock my iphone 3gs and now I am stuck!. I think I have been waiting to much for this jailbreak and I think apple is winning the battle. Is a shame but that is the true. I will sell my iphone 3gs on ebay and I will come back to the android community. I can not afford att iphone bill(120 a month), so this is my goodbye to the wonderful world of no jailbreak for me. DEV TEAM SHOULD TOLD US THAT BEFORE SO I WON’T BE SAD NOW. 🙁

  • Leemo

    What is the problem here..COOL IT!!! Like a twat myself I upgraded my jailbroken 3G to 4.1 via iTunes without reading up that there would be no unlock available. And, probably so did most of you complaining did exactly the same. Am I wrong, but you can jailbreak 4.1 easily, you just can not unlock it.
    OK..I have been waiting patiently for this GreenPois0n unlock, but we are now told its for the iPhone 4 etc. only. So Apple for the moment have created a monumental fight back, but don't blame the Dev-Team, they are doing a great job, and no money has come out of my pocket for it. Well, except money for a new Android based phone. Guys, you fuc**ed up your own phone in the first place, go buy an iPhone 4 and stop getting aggressive, or be a bit more patient. I'm sure there will be an unlock soon.

    • Steve

      Man i can't agree with you more. All these people complaining about greenposion not getting their 3gs jailbroken. I mean jailbreaking a phone is like a previlage plus they chose to upgrade. I myself haven't jailbreak my phone yet since i recently got my iphone 4 but hopefully I will.

  • Daniel

    The reason older defies do not support SHatter exploit is because it’s actually an exploit to the Apple A4 which is found in the iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4, iPad and the new Apple TV 2G.

  • MissArson

    My ex lost my jailbroken 3GS in the back of a cab, I got another from a friend of a friend jailbroken at 3.1.3 with SHSH blobs backed on Cydia, I went to upgrade to 4.0.1 and something went wrong… Still not positive of what exactly went wrong… So, upgraded to 4.1, thinking I could just downgrade again because of my Cydia backup.

    Anyway. She won’t downgrade, I’ve tried everything.

    Still not sure why.

    I was so stoked on Greenpois0n… Le sigh.

    Sn0wbreeze, I hope you come to me soon. I relied on my unlock.

  • Anis

    After all this time !!!! U r coming to say it can’t jailbreak the 3GS OMG they are really Poor team not dev team ……. Sucks

  • gothminion

    Very disappointed……. 🙁 Have been waiting for ages! :(:(:(:(:( Wish they had told us!
    Hope they come out with a jailbreak for older models, although they may as well wait for 4.2

  • Mike

    3GS users.. Why did you update to 4.1 if you weren’t sure of a jb yet? Why not just have stayed on your old version until your sure? Sure it’s disappointing but really it is your fault for updating without any foresight. I know I wouldn’t have.

    • gigabait

      Some devices came with it, so it's not our fault…

  • Steve Jobs

    If you have a 3G, two words: Sn0wbreeze bitches … it ain't SHAtter but it will get you there. My 3G is jailbroken on 4.1 right now. It is only a matter of time before the 3GS monster is set free as well.

    I too was under the impression SHAtter would jailbreak "all" devices dating all the way back to the apple 2E, but I guess not. They still did a lot of hard work and accomplished something pretty impressive, so I have to give them props for that.

    In the meantime though, I guess I will just have to find another person to thank for my jailbreak.

  • Their Wankers

  • Mark

    I got offered a decent deal on an iphone 4 which i had to take up before the end of Sept but since i'd paid £300 for a 3gs just a couple of weeks before (then bricked) which i was anticipating would be able to be fixed 'imminently' i declined.
    Now i'm without a fix for the 3gs, £300 out of pocket and no chance of a repeat deal on the iphone 4……Serioisly not impressed!!!!!

  • Reporter

    O God , very much disappointed,

    Any how thanks to the developers for their Greanpoison.

  • Mark

    This is a joke.

    I only had my 3gs working for just over 3 weeks before it became useless. I've now been 7 weeks without it and now there looks like there is going to be no solution at anytime soon!!!

  • I thought this jailbreak was for all devices!!! Now I’m stuck yet again with 3GS new bootrom.why!!! Why!!! Why!!!

  • LEE


  • Robdog

    Great News…

    Sunday is gonna be awesome…

    Glad i got my Iphone 4…

  • Fizz

    Very !

  • RezaVancouver

    this is fucking bullshit. i cant believe they made all of us 3gs users so hyped us. i hope they fucking realized that 90 percent of the ppl who are desperately waiting for greenpois0n to come out are 3gs and now you fuck us up?! at least dont get our hopes up from 1 month ago you tards. the last time i checked the ratio of iphone 3gs users to iphone 4 is 3/4…

  • Neenee

    Woot woot I got an iPhone 4

  • Mike

    This is F-ken B-shit……..first support every F-device and NOW ???? F-wasted should stay at 3.1.2,,,,,,,,,purchased lots apps from ROCK and now F-useless…………………………….the reason I update to 4.1 cause I saw F-shatter said support every devices…..F-ken B_itch………

  • cbninja

    That’s sooo f***ed up. It was said for so many times it would jailbreak every device. They had their chance to clear this one up. I’m positive they must have recieved tons of tweets emails and so forth from third gen devices owners. They had their chance to say that beforehand. I feel frustrared right now. I mean it’s just a phone and everything and I wanted to but the iPhone 4 anyway. But what REALLY surprises me is what some people would do for some publicity even if they know they may look bad afterwards. Because don’t get me wrong here but a JB that only JBs the 4th generation is great. Props to them sure thing. But it is way more of a fail than a win, everything considered. Fuck them and that lame ass piece of shit “jailbrick”. I hope it bricks every fucking device out there.

    • cbGAYninja

      ur gay

    • sayit

      I said it about 3 post up its teh Shatter Exploit that will jailbreak all i devices not greenpois0n they were using the exploit to jailbreak certain i devices depending on the framework aroudn there software.

      • rob

        your just a dick that jailbroke all your other phones with their older software, and now you can't, dick, lol im an iphone 4 owner.

  • angry_3gs_owner


  • jay

    Am glad i got iphone 4.. But I also have iphone 3g and 3gs…

  • eVolution[X]

    well this makes the Chronic dev team look very stupid, very stupid indeed, They have quoted many a time that green pois0n will jailbreak ANY IDEVICE for life.

    I have also found out that Apple is drawing up legal paperwork on a loophole to prosecute people who write such software, so I guess what goes around comes around.

    • Joe W

      Hahaha, you sound like a jealous little child

    • read more

      Correction it is the shAtter Exploit that will jailbreak i devices for life now depending on the development and frame work around it. That will then determined the models that the programs supports

  • not impressed dev u fuk wits u just lost me as a member

  • dede

    wtf man why the hell didnt they say this man i thought it was gonna support all devices maybe they should inject themselves with real pois0n for getting us 3gs users hyped up this is a big dissapointment now we gotta wait a whole other month for a jailbreak again this is bulls**t

    • Nate Parnell

      Ahah. Agreed! They have been testing the new jailbreak this hole time. They new all along!

      • dede

        yes i am so pissed words cannot explain now we have to wait for 4.2 to come out so comex can release it

  • Aart

    Well sad as this is, you can't fault them. Guess there is only so much they can do. Guessing my 3gs is just a paper weight now..Though have to thanks them for all their hard past work that has brought most of us great pleasure and who knows one day they just might solve the 3gs problems as welll

  • iBricked

    Well, as non-A4 users we can do nothing, we should stop wasting time on this then.

  • Jorge

    I'm pissed. Honestly

  • S8888D

    Yay i got an iphone 4…

  • Rick

    Ok 99% of the jailbreak community was waiting for this jailbreak to cone out. I think it was a cheap, pathetic attempt to gain the publicity at our expense, keeping everyone in the dark about the supported devices. Epic fail on their part. They tweeted that it was our (old Dev team fans) fault that we assumed it supported every device. Thanks for the knife in the back on that one Dev team. FYI, not telling us What devices were supported (well us loyal followers, or ex-followers) is just as shady and cowardly as lying right to our faces.

  • bobakimbo

    Dissappointed? Like a crack addict who has been deprived of crack for a month, with a promise that it's coming soon. Waiting patiently, then being told "you'll get your crack on Sunday." And then being told "just kidding." Then getting kicked in the nuts. Kinda like that. I'm going Android and taking my iPhone into the woods to put a few rounds of .357 through it.

    • 72h28


  • J0n1k

    That’s what I thought. Shatters exploit was found from a new processor. Older devices don’t have shatter exploit

  • Mike

    THEY COULD HAVE FREAKING TOLD US. THEY FULLY REALIZED THAT THERE WERE 100,000,000,000 PEOPLE WITH 3GS!!! This is why they are merely hackers and not working for some hotshot mobile business making millions -.-

  • Nick

    Very disappointed. Bought my Touch 3g today from a friend and was surprised to discover he upgraded to 4.1. No shsh blobs, so no downgrade and Apple blocks any attempt to do so, I feel illegally on their part. 4.1 slows the device and I miss jb. I wonder how long I’ll have to wait?

  • ethan

    I have been waitting my iphone4 jailbroken about one month more. Finally, it comes out… yeah!!!

  • thats fuckin stupid

  • steve

    I am one happy iphone 4 owner. OS 4.1 at 1.59 baseband. Can't wait to get tthat evil looking boot logo onto my phone. Thanks Green team

  • ipod4g

    The Chronic Dev just said that "To clarify, the reason it does not work on non-A4 devices is not because we are lazy, but simply because it can't be exploited on them." on twitte.

    • Jens nielsen

      Why did they not say so before we all spent money and updated it’s bullshit no matter how you look at it

  • tora jacx

    If really true,….. felt backstabbed!!!!

  • Nick

    Woo. Glad I have an iphone 4. ;D

  • Chameleon

    As it's a hardware fault that is being exploited it isn't surprising that it wont work on some of the older hardware

  • A_Penn

    Hell ya I'm disapointed. I wasnt one of the people complaining about the wait. I figured theyd come up with a solution in time and I'd just have to be patient. As long as somebody will try to find a fix for my 3gs on 4.1 sometime in the next month I should be fine. But i spent alot of money on this phone that I haven't actually used as a phone yet, and my current phone is about ready to die. I need some sort of hope… 🙁

    • Mark

      I feel your pain as i'm in the exact same situation 🙁

    • sunkavalli

      me too yaar………lets hope they would come up with some solution for this…!!!!!!

    • Steve

    • mreddiel

      Use Limera1n to jailbreak your 3GS and Tiny Umbrella to preserve your baseband. To hell with GreenPo1son. You just need an PC because Mac isn't supported yet.

    • robert

      listen mate,they`re not obliged to help u jailbreak ur phone, i`m in the same situation but we need to be patient.. cheers

  • 123

    Didn't they say it was supposed to jailbreak every device?




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